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WABC Musicradio Web Site - a comprehensive site dedicated to the music and airstaff of New York's legendary Top 40 radio station; includes weekly charts from 1960 - 1982!
Music Links

The Official Grateful Dead Web Site - CD releases, band member tour schedules and much more

Sonny Boy's Lonesome Cabin - an excellent site devoted to blues great Sonny Boy Williamson ("Rice Miller")

Music Newswire - digest of current music news from all sources

IndyNet - information and resources
for musicians and independent promoters and producers

B.B. King Home Page- the King of the Blues

American Music Online- Well-presented Top 100 singles chart, singles reviews, and other resources

The Blues Highway - up-to-date news and information about the 
blues scene past and present

Pollstar - national tour search engine

The Music Review - a compendium of links relating to
all aspects of music

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - direct from Cleveland

The Ultimate Band List - links to all artists

The All-Music Guide - the complete online database for recording artists - an incredible site
Other Radio Guides

The Radio-Info Report - Mid-Atlantic radio news and more

Pirate Jim`s Radio Site - Tom`s River, NJ listening post, plus regional station info

London Radio Stations - what they`re tuning in to in the U.K.

Radio-Locator (formerly the MIT Guide to Radio Stations on the Internet) - comprehensive worldwide listings of stations with websites by state/country/format
Radio Links

New York Radio Message Board- always an interesting discussion about New York Radio past and present

The NYC Radio Gazette- news and commentary blog on New York radio

FCC FM Database- search for FCC station information

Radiospace Radio-Related Links - an extensive resource which includes links to other radio guides around the country

About.Com Radio - an informative site with information, articles, and links about radio, including Internet radio

Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Collection - an excellent site devoted to the history of broadcast radio

All Access - the complete resource for the radio industry - convenient interface for reception of thousands of internet radio broadcasters

All Mixed Up Website - playlists and more for Peter Bochan`s weekly music show, heard Mondays at 10 AM on WBAI - 99.5 FM - well-organized links to world of internet radio

RAIN - Radio & Internet Newsletter - news and resources about radio and streaming audio - links directory for the radio industry

Rock Radio Scrapbook - extensive air schedules from Classic Top 40 stations, articles, airchecks and more

Radio Connection- offers training for future broadcast and recording professionals and placement assistance

AdWWWorks - Minneapolis-based radio ad copywriters

Morning Dew Radio Program - NYC's own Grateful Dead show, heard Saturdays at 9 PM on WBAI - 99.5 FM

Reel Top 40 Radio Repository - great collection of vintage airchecks from classic Top 40 stations

Radio & Records Magazine - radio industry news; includes airplay charts and Arbitron and Accutrax ratings
New York City Related Links

Coolfer - Info and Opinion Blog on Music and the Music Industry in New York City - Guide to NYC Police and Fire frequencies and related information

WebTunes - New York City's complete online guide to live music

Wetlands Preserve - former music venue

NYC Link - The Official Website of New York City- an extensive and useful site

CitySearch - comprehensive music/events guide to NYC

The New York Times - today's issue, and special online features

The Daily News Online Edition - read the current edition and search past issues

Newsday - news and features from the Queens/Long Island daily

The New York Post - the online edition

NY1 Online - local news, with lots of audio/video clips

Metro Commute - check traffic if you`re traveling in or around NYC

Intellicast - Weather Radar Image for the New York Area

New York City Subway Resources - an amazing site about 
the operation and history of the subway system

Forgotten New York - long lost lore and rare relics of old New York preserved in this fascinating site

The Third Rail Online - webzine on the history of transit in New York City

The Roads of Metro New York - an exhaustively complete site about
the roads, highways, exits, and crossings of the NYC area
Web Developer/Programming Links - a vast resource for website designers, from cnet - "The Webmaster's Reference Library"

Netscape Developer's Edge - In-depth documentation 
and reference materials

The Perl Language Homepage
Other Links of Interest

Internet Movie Database - all about movies, old and new

AP Update - the latest news from the Associated Press

The Weather Underground - complete weather info and forecasts 
for any location

Science Daily - an outstanding site keeping you current on developments in every field of science

Tiger Map Service (U.S. Census Bureau) - prepares a custom map 
for any U.S. location you specify

Discover the relationship among all living things at the UC Museum of Paleontology On-Line Exhibit "Life on Earth" or by exploring
the Tree of Life

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