Friday, September 23, 2022

Get To Know Ron Ernie





My Brother was an only child!

I am an egotistical intelligent good for nothing bum.

As everyone else on This Earth, I have been blessed with the ways and means to do anything I need to.

I am just one actor in this 3 act play called LIFE. 

I am on stage for a brief time and will exit stage left just like the rest of you!  I will not impress anyone.  I do not care for political correctness and I do not practice it.  I am self made, self supporting, self motivated and so far self propelled.  I do not take government cheese, welfare, food stamps etc. etc. When I was down,  (as we all are sometimes)  I got up and dusted myself off and humped to get it.  I say screw diplomas, titles, and all the associated stage props in this 3 act play we are in.  All that's needed is a plan, and a bank to deposit money into.

I cannot stand healthy, strong people who stick their hand out when they should get off their workless asses.

I love people who TRY TRY TRY.

I love folks who want what they need

and not need what they want.

I love the needy not the greedy.




Ron Ernie


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