Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Some Old Times






I was sittin' here thinkin' about old times

Some old times


Some old friends

And suddenly it shot accross my mind
 I wish that I could see you again


I Remember how we used to sit and talk
At the table

 Holdin' hands

We said we loved each other I recall
And then we made

some future plans


But the years have come and gone
And a whole lot has happened since then
But tonight babe your memory's

awfully strong on my mind

And I wish that I could see you again


It's funny how a feeling will come back
It'll come on back,

and make you blue

Cause I just saw a picture in my mind
Bout a time, of me and you

Guess I better straighten out this mind

straighten it out

Go to bed


And pray that I don't

dream about old times

Some old times

Gone and dead

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