The Afghan people left behind are fighting to survive much like Jewish victims in Nazi Germany, "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin compared Wednesday on "Hannity."

"How many Anne Franks are there tonight in Afghanistan?" he asked. "How many Anne Franks are hiding in cellars all across the country today? I want to talk about the people left behind, not the 124,000 who’ve been evacuated to safety. I want to talk about the millions who now have had genocide unleashed upon them."

Levin pointed out that the Afghans were living "mostly in peace" and safety before Joe Biden’s presidency with a "minimal American military footprint." 

Levin hit out against who he called "propagandists" in the administration including press secretaries Jen Psaki of the White House, Adm. John Kirby of the Pentagon, state department spokesman Ned Price as well as generals who he blasted for leaving American citizens in Afghanistan.

"No commander in chief has ever ordered any general to leave citizens behind," he roared. "What about these chi

"Instead, we hear that the American citizens didn’t act fast enough," he went on. "Instead, we hear, ‘this was a massive success…’ Instead, we hear, ‘we may in the future work with them against ISIS’ as if they’re different. It’s the Taliban that allowed al Qaeda to attack us on 9/11. The Taliban! They have our equipment. They have our people. They have our allies."

Levin intensely warned that the Taliban will threaten the U.S. while working alongside the Chinese, Russian and Iranian governments, pressing the fact that they are not to be trusted.

"Can you hear the screams of the people of Afghanistan, tonight?" he asked. "Can you hear the women being brutalized? Can you hear the bullets in the execution? Because it’s occurring under the cover of dark… while they’re celebrating at the state department and at the defense department and at the White House."

"I’ve never been more disgusted with my government and the top brass of the United States military than I am right now," he said. "Listen! They’re screaming! Do you hear them?"