Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Post Just Nailed the Liberal Media's Pathetic Excuse for Protecting Joe Biden to the Wall





Bronson Stocking
Posted: Oct 18, 2020 9:05 PM

Source: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

The New York Post reported bombshell revelations last week concerning emails that expose how former Vice President Joe Biden helped his family enrich themselves by selling access to the White House. The emails -- obtained from a Hunter Biden laptop abandoned at a computer repair store -- must be politically devastating to the Biden campaign because the mainstream media is throwing out every excuse it can think of as a reason not to publish the news. The Post is now fighting back, calling out the liberal media for interfering in the election to protect Joe Biden.

"Much of the push to ignore The Post’s drop of Hunter Biden’s e-mails centers on the charge that it’s all 'unverified,'" writes The Post's Editorial Board. "The claim is more excuse than truth."

The editors note that neither Hunter Biden nor Joe Biden have claimed the hard drive isn't real. The editors also point out that other news outlets have tracked down the computer repairman and confirmed the sourcing as reported by The Post.

"It’s particularly rich that The New York Times has fixated on the 'unverified' excuse, since it’s spent much of the Trump era offering supposed dirt from anonymous sources — which, by definition, makes the info unverifiable," The editors write.

The New York Times and the rest of the liberal media routinely push stories from "anonymous sources" to malign the president. The Post references The Atlantic's anonymously-sourced story about Trump calling fallen World War One soldiers "suckers" and "losers." That story reverberated around the mainstream media. And how do we know the President's tax returns are authentic? The information contained in the Steele Dossier wasn't verified, but that never stopped the mainstream media.

"Some of the stories proved completely false, as no less than former FBI chief Jim Comey (who also has zero motive to protect Trump) said at the time," the editors note.

"Now, suddenly, with a trove of information — which, again, the Bidens aren’t even claiming is false — these same outlets want to ask endless questions about the chain of evidence. A chain of evidence that The Post has been up-front and open about."

The liberal media sees the finish line less than three weeks away and figures they can censor the news for a while to ensure a Joe Biden presidency.

"Desperate for Biden to win, they want to sink the story with innuendo rather than actually report on it. Don’t ask too many questions, and you can dismiss it all as 'unverified.'"

But new polling suggests that, despite the liberal media and Twitter's suppression of the news, support for Joe Biden may be 
falling. Surely hardworking Americans in swing states like Pennsylvania are repulsed by public servants who abuse their offices to enrich their families. Americans should also be repulsed by a press that helps crooked politicians get away with it.

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