Monday, May 4, 2020

Democrats love Biden’s attacks on voters

by Joseph Sacco 

“What about Trump?!” they cry.

By now, everyone has seen Joe Biden’s cursing/almost physical altercation with a worker at an auto plant. Biden has had a history of being hostile to potential voters who ask tough questions about his policy proposals.

Coupled with his obvious cognitive decline, this attitude towards the public seems at odds with his supposed “normalcy” compared to Trump. And instead of being worried, liberal pundits have embraced his tough talk.

The worker asked a relevant question regarding Biden’s gun control stance. This is a question posed to many candidates and no one else has ever reacted in the manner Biden did. Biden called the worker a liar, even though he has promised to install Beto O’Rourke as his gun policy expert. Reminder: Beto was the one who several months ago promised to ban AR-15s. In that vein, the worker was right to ask Biden if he would destroy the 2nd Amendment.

It isn’t surprising that Biden can’t remember his 2A stance; sometimes he can’t remember what state he’s in or the office he is running for.

Biden’s tack is unorthodox, to say the least, but Trump ushered in an era of politics that has scrambled many of the old rules. Democrats have struggled to find the tone and the temperament to counter a president who has taken his position in the metaphorical bully pulpit literally, and Biden’s camp says he is offering new means for his party to swat down reams of fiction from Trump and the political right.

Again, if Biden is looking to be the nicer candidate, this type of response to voters is not going to cut it. And the endless “what aboutism” regarding Trump is getting exhausting. It’s a threat when Trump calls the media fake news but when Biden threatens an auto worker with physical harm it apparently shows that Democrats have the stones to fight back.

I personally don’t believe that this tact will work for Biden going forward, especially when primary season evolves into the general election fight. Democrats want to show that they are better than Trump and if this is the tactic they choose, it could backfire. Attacking constituents is a lot different than attacking the media.

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