Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Worst Pandemics In Global History

The spread of Covid-19, or the coronavirus, has reached every continent except Antarctica, with a death toll surpassing 3,000, and the World Health Organization announced that countries should prepare for a global pandemic. The Onion takes a look at the worst disease pandemics in world history.

Plague Of Justinian (541-542):

The deadly virus devastated Mediterranean port cities, dealing a fatal blow to the lucrative bacterium trade.

The Black Death (1346-1353):

Bubonic plague killed between 75 million and 200 million people due to rats stubbornly refusing to vaccinate their children.

Third Cholera Pandemic (1846-1860):

The deadliest of the famous cholera outbreaks, the third cholera pandemic is a reminder to not let your guard down just because most of your loved ones already died in the first two rounds of a disease.

Sixth Cholera Pandemic (1899-1923):

Derivative and uninspired.

Flu Pandemic (1968):

Killed 1 million people and left millions more victims with chest congestion and a sore throat.

HIV/AIDS (1981-Present):

Despite its large death toll and continued devastation, advancements in treatment have allowed many of those infected to lead equally meaningless lives as those without the virus.

Swine Flu (2009-2010):

Thankfully, pigs have mostly recovered from this massive PR disaster that claimed around 250,000 lives.

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