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This Day In Naval History – March 28, 2019


British frigates HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub capture the frigate USS Essex, commanded by Capt. David Porter, off Valparaiso, Chile after blockading the ship for six weeks.


USS Supply, commanded by Lt. William F. Lynch, reaches the Bay of Acre, Israel, during an expedition to explore the Dead Sea and tracing the River Jordan to its source.


Submarines USS Barb (SS 220) and USS Silversides (SS 236) sink Japanese cargo freighter Fukusei Maru off Rasa Island and Japanese cargo ship Kairyu Maru off Manokwari, New Guinea, respectively.


USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE 86) is commissioned. She later supports the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns during World War II and serves during the Korean War.


USS Philippine Sea (CV 47), USS Princeton (CV 37), and USS Oriskany (CV 34) launch 216 sorties against a North Korean supply depot during the Korean War.


The first U.S. Navy carrier battle groups return to CONUS following action during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) battle group returns to Norfolk, Va., and the USS Saratoga (CV 60) battle group returns to Mayport, Fla.

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Retain Faith – We Will Prevail in the End, Regardless of Difficulties – Rolling Thunder and Commando Hunt Remembered

Guys... Mighty Thunder with a mighty rumble... Bear


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Well, this looks like it is finally done and in effect. The good news is that most Americans, who had a job and paid taxes in 2018-19 will get a direct payment from it to help with the bills, until this crisis passes.

The bad news is that there are billions of dollars in pure pork sausage in this bill. Nowhere near what Nancy demanded. But, as any good negotiator knows, ask for much more than you expect to get, and then you get what you really wanted. Lots of money for the performing arts, the Kennedy Center, union protections, and so much more. Nancy had the brass to stand up and say that it was all related to fighting the virus. But, then, as you know, Nancy cannot open her mouth without lying. "It is a tactic', as she says. Who knows, this may be her last grandstand, as those peasants begin to realize that it was THEIR money that Nancy just spent.

This is all designed to protect and reward her supporters, while passing the bills to those she loathes. Classic dictatorship stuff. Do you think Nancy is self-quarantined, or skipping meals, or avoiding jet travel, or doing anything else we are asked to do?

Fear Mongering

The net is filled with scary stories and predictions. A hedge manager made terrible predictions, and scared the market into panic. He pocketed $2 billion as a result. Knowing what would happen, he placed his bets and money on falling stocks, and bought them cheap.

This greedy man is not alone. Whole nations are doing this, and many inside the country. Telling fact from fiction is going to be very difficult. The liars are very skilled, and the lies plausible. Listen to your own gut. If it sounds too fantastic, it likely is.

Reality is that there are more active cases here in the US than anywhere else at the moment. Some nations have passed the peak infection rate. We are just now getting to it. Another couple of weeks, and we also will be over the peak, and on a downhill trend.

At the same time, thanks to the efforts of our president and all who have helped, we have a much lower death rate than other nations. Currently, we are at #6, worldwide. Supplies are pouring into NY, and other places, and ingenious solutions are being used to fill the gaps. For example, fixing ventilators so each can serve two patients,, checking them remotely by running tubes through walls, and converting CPAP machines or asthma machines to temporary fixes. Hospital ships are on the way to NY, and the west coast, and FEMA and the Corps of Engineers are setting up emergency temporary facilities at astounding rates. Truly amazing stuff.

Meanwhile, NY's Cuomo is crying loudly that he is not getting enough money, or equipment, or anything else to compensate for his own refusal to prepare, when he was warned and had the chance. Much of what he says is false, just like all the other profiteers on this stage. He has received thousands of ventilators, billions of dollars, and millions of masks and protective clothing sets. All at our expense, not his. Plus an open checkbook for whatever else he needs. And, all this to a man who hates Trump and has done all he can to harm the president.

Of course, he knows that the politician who presides over a major disaster (like the mayor of New Orleans during Katrina) is very likely to lost his job in the next election, and be forever ruined and tainted by events, even those he did not have a role in. So, his only hope is to blame others for his failures.

Remember the Panama Canal? When this was projected as a project, it was not going to be in Panama. They would have to dig a lot longer canal in Panama, and the soil conditions, weather and disease problems (yellow fever killed a lot of workers) were massive. The French had tried to build it, and failed. It was therefore suggested that it be built through Nicaragua, where much of the trip would pass through a series of lakes, making the whole thing much easier to build and maintain. But politicians, who had their own financial gain in mind, sent letters to all the members of congress, recommending Panama. The trick? The stamps showed volcanoes in Nicaragua, and created fear that the volcanoes might threaten the canal. So, some made money, others lost work and a great public works project, and others died trying to build the canal. On the good side, a cure for yellow fever was discovered as a result.

Faulty data may account for a lot of the panic. The disease is real, and dangerous. But, it can and will be defeated. Just like all the other virus epidemics we have seen in the last 20 years. Hang in there, just a bit longer.



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Both US aircraft carriers in the Pacific are taken out of action for up to a MONTH after sailors get infected with coronavius

Priorities ??

Both US aircraft carriers in the Pacific are taken out of action for up to a MONTH after sailors get infected with coronavius - giving China an almost free hand in the region as Pentagon raises threat level to second highest setting

USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan are the only two US aircraft carriers in the Pacific; both have sailors who have tested positive to COVID-19

The diagnoses have prompted USS Theodore Roosevelt to port in Guam, where it could be held for at least a month

USS Ronald Reagan is currently in port in Tokyo, Japan, and it is unclear whether all of its crew will now be quarantined

China now appears to have a free hand in the Pacific - alarming news given heightened tensions between Beijing and Washington

The two superpowers have traded barbs over the origins of COVID-19, and China accused the US of 'playing a dangerous game' by sailing a destroyer near Taiwan

By Andrew Court For and Reuters

Published: 14:52 EDT, 27 March 2020 | Updated: 16:35 EDT, 27 March 2020

Sailors on board both US aircraft carriers in the Pacific have tested positive to coronavirus, sparking fears the Navy could become crippled in the region.

At least 25 sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, forcing the warship to port in Guam to test all 5,000 on board.

The carrier was in the midst of a deployment to the Philippine and South China Seas when the COVID-19 diagnoses prompted the Navy to order it to cease sail Thursday.

On Friday, the US was dealt another blow following confirmation that two sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan - currently in port in Japan - had also tested positive to the highly-contagious virus.

Roosevelt and Reagan are the only two US carriers in the Pacific, and may be out of action for 25 days as they test and quarantine crew.

It effectively gives China free hand in the region. The country has two aircraft carriers, including the recently-completed Shandong, which is currently in port at Hainan Island, the country's southernmost point.

The US has 11 aircraft carriers - but two are deployed to the Middle East, and five are in US ports undergoing overhauls, including one with a sailor who has also tested positive for COVID-19.

The potential crippling of the US Navy in the Pacific is alarming news given escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

One anonymous service member stationed in Guam fears more US sailors and military members could become sickened with COVID-19.

'We're f**ked,' they told The Daily Beast Friday.

The Navy currently has 133 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 104 of which are reported to be active-duty. On Wednesday, the Department of Defense raised its health protection level to its second highest level at every military installation around the world.

At least 25 sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, forcing the warship to port in Guam to test all 5,000 passengers on board. It is pictured above in a stock image

The USS Ronald Reagan is currently in port in Tokyo. At least two of its sailors have tested positive to COVID-19. Stock image

According to a bombshell report in The Huffington Post Friday, several service members claimed there is widespread frustration within their ranks about how the military has handled the COVID-19 outbreak.

One alleged that members of the military were 'pissed' that 'the six feet of social distancing was not being enforced' on numerous bases around the country.

Former Army epidemiologist Dr Remington Nevel told the publication: 'The military's dirty little secret, if you will, is that it is highly susceptible as an organization to outbreaks of particularly respiratory infectious illness'

With the military facing its biggest health crisis since the Spanish Flu of 1918, its a precarious time to be left vulnerable in the Asia-Pacific region, given the escalating feud with China.

China and the US have traded barbs over the origin of the highly-contagious virus, with President Donald Trump angering Beijing by calling it the 'Chinese virus'.

Senior Chinese officials have retaliated by spreading their own conspiracy theories about the virus' origin.

On Tuesday, China was left outraged after America's destroyer USS McCampbell sailed through Taiwan Strait - the body of water which separates Taiwan and China, and which Beijing regards as its own territory.

Chinese officials on Thursday accused the United States of playing 'a dangerous game'.

There are also concerns North Korea could take advantage of the vulnerable US situation. Three weeks ago, the country fired two short-range missiles into the sea off its eastern coast in a new challenge to Washington. It was North Korea's first missile launch in more than three months.

The guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell sailed through the Taiwan Strait, which Beijing regards as part of its territory


The US has 11 aircraft carriers at present. Sailors on three of those ships have tested positive to coronavirus, raising fears the Navy could become crippled by COVID-19.

USS Theodore Roosevelt - In port Currently in port in Guam. At least 25 of its sailors have coronavirus

USS Ronald Reagan - In port Currently in Tokyo, Japan. At least two of its sailors have coronavirus

USS Carl Vinson - In port Currently in dry dock in Washington state, USA. At least one of its sailors has tested positive to COVID-19

USS Nimitz - In port Docked in Washington state. Working up to its next deployment

USS Abraham Lincoln -In port Currently docked in San Diego, following a mission to the Middle East

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower – Deployed Currently on deployment in the Middle East

USS George Washington - In port Docked in Newport, Virginia for a scheduled four-year Refueling and Complex Overhaul, due to be completed in 2021

USS John C. Stennis - In port Docked in Norfolk, Virginia for a Refueling and Complex Overhaul, due to be completed in the mid 2020s

USS Harry S. Truman – Deployed Currently deployed in the Middle East to support maritime security

USS George H.W. Bush - In port In Northfolk, Virginia for a planned 28-month docking

USS Gerald R. Ford - In port Commissioned by President Trump in 2017, and expected to be deployed for the first time in 2022

China has been angered by the Trump administration's stepped-up support for Taiwan - an island it considers its own.

Anthony Junco, a spokesman for the US Seventh Fleet, said the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell conducted 'a routine Taiwan Strait transit' on March 25, in line with international law.

'The ship's transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,' he added. 'The US Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows.'

Taiwan's defence ministry said the ship sailed north through the waterway and was monitored by Taiwan's armed forces, on what it called an 'ordinary mission', adding there was no cause for alarm.

In Beijing, Chinese defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang denounced 'continued negative actions' by the United States on Taiwan, including sailings through and flights over the Taiwan Strait.

'U.S. moves have seriously interfered in China's internal affairs, severely harmed peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and poisoned Sino-U.S. military ties,' Ren told a monthly news conference.

The actions were 'extremely dangerous', he added.

Taiwan is China's most sensitive territorial and diplomatic issue and Beijing has never ruled out the use of force to bring the island under its control. The narrow Taiwan Strait that separates the island from China is a frequent source of tension.

In recent weeks China's air force has conducted several exercises close to Taiwan, prompting its mostly U.S.-equipped military to scramble fighters to intercept and warn away the Chinese aircraft.

Taiwan has called the drills provocative, and urged China to pay more attention to fighting a coronavirus pandemic, rather than menace it.


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China 'back to normal' -- riots break out in Wuhan - American Thinker

(In case you have not been watching, there are some very serious internal problems in China. What desperate measures will their "Leader for Life" take to stay in power? Here is a good background article on the subject: )

March 28, 2020

China 'back to normal' -- riots break out in Wuhan

By Monica Showalter

China claims coronavirus cases are a thing of the past, there are no new cases, and as Reuters touted the other day, has now begun its "return to normal."

Here's normal:

A huge protest march swept out of China's Hubei province on Friday, with thousands of angry residents pouring across a bridge into neighboring Jiangxi province and clashing with police.

The capital city of Hubei province is Wuhan, ground zero for the coronavirus pandemic.

That's part of a comprehensive report from Breitbart describing the explosive state of unrest in China's big central province, based on Chinese citizen journalist reports, and sources watching closely such as Radio Liberty and Canada's Globe & Mail.

Here's just one example:

Obviously, the locals are picking up where they've left off now that all's 'normal,' which, more to the point, means reckoning time.

Three things seem to be immediately fueling these protests:

One, the people are furious at the cops for treating them like cattle and hurling people, literally kicking and screaming, into pestilence pens, places where, if they didn't have COVID-19 going in, they sure as heck would have after coming out. Remember these images?

Two, the Wuhan people aren't being allowed to return to normal because everyone else still treats them like walking disease vectors. Why's that? Because nobody believes China's government when it says the crisis is over. That lack of credibility has big consequences for Wuhan people whether the Chicom government is lying or not. They are paying that price.

Three, the cops seem to be willing to fight each other in different provinces, and the migrant workers seem to be willing to fight too, regardless of the issue. That's the sign of a dry tinder regime under stress.

Combine this with the the longer-term problems, such lousy economy, described here, with GDP going down by at least half, and people have got to be wondering what they need this government for. There already is a strong (and unprecedented) public willingness to blame China's leader, Xi Jinping.

Here's one last thing: The Chicoms know there's a problem and things are worse internally for them than they look. That would explain their initial coverup efforts and denial of any problem, allowing five million people out of the city at the lunar new year, to spread the disease through the country, as well as permitting citizen to travel to Italy, for example, where the consequences were particularly lethal.

Two things now suggest they knew a reckoning was on the cards for them:

One, they shut the borders, speaking of fears of a secondary infection, which is pretty speculative, and if it's a real risk, is just as likely to come from the inside, given the virus's origins in China.

Two, and even bigger, they expelled U.S. journalists, kicking out the knowledgable foreign correspondents of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other reporting outfits, and there aren't many, to make sure there wouldn't be any unpleasant reporting. And they even kicked them out of Hong Kong, knowing that that city is a tinderbox, too, and a tinderbox that can spread to Guangdong, China's largest province, which could get uncontrollable and endanger their regime, which is right about the 75-year mark when most intolerable regimes collapse.

These instant riots not more than a couple days after declaring all's normal are not a good sign. Normal people in a normal regime would be breathing a sigh of relief, but China's is not a normal regime.


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