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The List 5233A TGB

My apologies. I had not really looked at all the email and as I was starting to shutdown I was reading 5233 again and wondered about the comment The bear made about Shadow who is also a great contributor so I started scrolling down and found this. Sorry to Bear and Shadow and Dutch who forwarded it but my scan was head up and locked.


thanks to Shadow


In response to Micro, I'd like to make a couple of points. First, I'm not a believer in most rumors... I know the famous Fonda taking a message from a POW and turning it over the North Vietnamese is bogus... got it first hand from a POW friend. However, I also don't dismiss something out of hand... that may or may not be true.

Now Micro rightly points out that there is no irrefutable proof this happened since it doesn't show up anywhere in the ten episode series... no quarrel with that; but I'm sure Micro has heard of "editing". I met Arnett years ago in El Salvador and he is/was a known left wing operative, posing as a journalist. Hell, his wife was an VC/NVA spy (they both acknowledged this after the war). He contends that there is only the good General's statement that has not been corroborated by anyone, anywhere. Therefore, the inference he makes is that the General was lying and/or... made the whole thing up. Kinda reminds me of the MSM contention that the Biden's did no wrong in Ukraine... "Fake news they claim"! Or, who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?

I'd also like to point out that "The Bear" was not looking for anything connected to the General's claim, but was doing research on other things involving Rolling Thunder. In other words, The Bear had no agenda... it just struck him as interesting. The Bear is not a rumor monger; just passing on an interesting anecdote he'd discovered.

Now I'd like to disagree with a couple of inferences/assertions... slant by Micro. If it was true, surely it would have appeared in the film! I disagree... first, from a communist/leftist viewpoint, such an assertion would actually seem to denigrate and demean the heroic efforts of the NVA gun crews. Instead of being quick reacting, steely eyed marksmen and the "People's Heroes"... knowing where and when the Yankee Air Pirates were gonna attack... puts them in the light of being practitioners of the art of the ambush. A difference without a distinction... except for perception. Doesn't fit the legend.

On the other hand; neither Rusk, Arnett or his lefty producers, would ever want such a statement to see the light of day... in the documentary or in print! If it happened as the General said, you can bet your ass as soon as they were alone, Rusk would be hammering Arnett... "You can't use that... I made a mistake... I should never have said it"! For Rusk, it was a CYA appeal. For the others... it didn't fit the narrative of how ruthless and heartless we Americans were. After all, we (Americans) were killing hundreds of thousands of poor innocents with our indiscriminate bombing campaign. "If" it were divulged that American politicians and Foggy Bottom marplots, were giving the NVA targets and times beforehand... once again, it paints a different picture than the propaganda machine was spinning. Now our diplomats would make it seem it was a humanitarian gesture... while those of our persuasion would view it as another example of intellectual masturbation that caused many of our brethren to die needlessly... betrayed by a bunch of phony, so called intellectuals.

Don't know if Micro ever considered this... but in light of all the insane and stupid shit stuff they had us doing all those years instead of fighting a small war we could easily have won... nothing is beyond one's imagination, that isn't conceivable or plausible where the politicians (in and out of uniform) and State Department narcissists are concerned. Now he may be right in asserting it didn't happen... but in my mind, I wouldn't put anything past the conniving bastards. Deceit and denial is their favorite tactic. Videos are made to seem the opposite of what really happened... wordsmiths paint a picture of denial and excuse... and I didn't have sex with that women... depends on what is, is.

So in conclusion... give The Bear a break... he was just passing along an interesting anecdote... he wasn't advocating anything. Was the General stating fact? I don't know? But at least he seems to have believed it since he was willing to put it in print... and I don't recall ever hearing of Arnett denying it?

I tend to believe that old axiom... sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Considering all the lies that were told, all the insane ROE's and stupid targets and tactics that came out of the Pentagon and Congress and the White House... I could believe just about anything vis a vis these schemers and scammers operating out of the D.C. area. They are not above virtually any malfeasance.

Micro, considering the evidence... it's kinda like the lawyer's tactic of demanding one disprove, the unprovable.

Keeping my options open... Thanks for sharing Bear...


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