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[TheList] Sad news; (Jim "Wick" Barwick) Passed Away; 2 / 8 / 2020

Skip Leonard via Thelist

Sat, Feb 8, 8:58 PM (13 hours ago)

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Thanks to Hawk and Huck

Sad news about Wick


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From: J. Monroe Smith Subject: Fw: Sad news; (Jim "Wick" Barwick) Passed Away; 2 / 8 / 2020)

o Skip:

Request you pass the sad news to both the local San Diego "Bubbas", and "THE LIST" at large since "Wick", like so many of the Pre-1980 TOPGUN Instructors were widely known across all of our US Service Branches in addition to Foreign Military Sales that contracted for TOPGUN "Road Shows".

Wick's loss is truly shocking in that he was the picture of Health @ the TOPGUN 50th Anniversary and Reunion. He will be missed by ALL!

With Deepest Regrets;


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From: James D. Harris <>

Subject: Sad news

Throw another Nickel on the Grass.

I am very sad to inform you that Jim "Wick" Barwick passed away this morning, February 8th at his and Cindy's home in South Carolina. Cindy called me at 0900 this morning to say she found him unresponsive in the bedroom.

Wick and Cindy had just visited San Diego two weeks ago to speak with a specialist about Proton Therapy for his prostate cancer, and we had lunch together. Wick and I first met when we went through the NFWS course in July 1973 after coming back from Vietnam. We returned a year later to serve on the Staff and became great buddies. My son and his oldest daughter were born within a couple of months of each other and grew up together. She is now a Naval Aviator flying P-8's at Whidbey. Our families lived a few blocks apart in Carmel Valley for about 15 years.

As I learn about the services and other information I'll let you know. Hawk is going to contact Skip Leonard for The List, as Wick was a regular attendee at the Bubba Breakfast while he lived in S.D.

Wick was a great husband, father, patriot, fighter pilot, and friend he will be missed.


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