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This day in Naval History

Jan. 31

1944—The Marshall Island Invasion begins with U.S. Marine and Army troops landing at Kwajalein and Majuro atolls and then on Roi and Namur the following day. Vice Adm. Raymond A. Spruance, Task Force 50, commands the overall operation, while the landing force is under the command of Marine Maj. Gen. Holland M. Smith.

1945—USS Boarfish (SS 327) attacks Japanese HI 88 convoy and sinks freighter Enki Maru 50 miles southeast of Tourance, French Indochina. She also damages a cargo ship that runs aground and 14th Air Force aircraft destroys it the next day.

1961—Lt. Cmdr. Samuel Lee Gravely, Jr. becomes first African-American to command a combat ship, USS Falgout (DER 324). By 1976, he attains the rank of vice admiral.

1968—The main phase of the Tet Offensive begins as Communist Vietnamese troops attack military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam, attempting to incite an uprising in the general populace that will topple the Saigon government.

1981—The era of Enlisted Naval Aviators comes to a close when the last enlisted pilot, Master Chief Robert K. Jones, retires after 38 years of naval service.

Feb. 1

1800—USS Constellation engages French frigate La Vengeance in a 5-hour battle during the Quasi War.

1902—USS Plunger (SS 2), the lead ship of the Plunger-class submarine, launches. She is commissioned Sept. 19, 1903, at the Holland Company yard at New Suffolk, Long Island, NY. Ensign Chester W. Nimitz is the submarines final commander when Plunger is decommissioned Nov. 6, 1909 at the Charleston Navy Shipyard.

1942—USS Enterprise (CV 6) and USS Yorktown (CV 5) make the first World War II air strike against the Japanese at their outposts in the Marshall Islands to protect the Trans-Pacific supply route to Australia.

1944—Three U.S. Navy submarines, Guardfish (SS 217), Hake (SS 256) and Seahorse (SS 304), attack Japanese convoys, sinking a destroyer, cargo ship and another vessel.

1945—USS Jenkins (DD 447), USS O'Bannon (DD 450), USS Bell (DD 587) and destroyer escort Ulvert M. Moore (DE 442) sink the Japanese submarine RO 115, 125 miles southwest of Manila.

1955—Task Force 43 is established to plan U.S. Navy Antarctic operations called Operation Deep Freeze.

Feb. 2

1848—The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War and establishes the boundaries between the two republics.

1862—Capt. David G. Farragut, commander of his flagship, the screw sloop of war Hartford, departs Hampton Roads for Ship Island, MS, where Farragut takes command of the Western Gulf Blockading Squadron in preparation for the assault on New Orleans.

1938—While piloting a PBY-2 aircraft in a tactical exercise off California, Lt. Carlton B. Hutchins collides with another VP-11 PBY-2. Remaining at his badly damaged plane's controls, Hutchins courageously allows members of his crew to parachute to safety, but is killed in the plane's subsequent crash. For his "extraordinary heroism," he is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

1942—USS Seadragon (SS 194) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Tamagawa Maru.

1943—A Japanese destroyer is damaged, and later scuttled, by a mine laid by U.S. Navy light minelayers off Cape Esperance.

1944—Destroyer USS Walker (DD 517) sinks Japanese submarine RO 39, 10 miles east of Wotje, Marshall Islands. ( I was on the USS Walker in the Summer of 1965 for my senior midshipman Cruise from USC. Within a few days we headed to sea for a couple of weeks. The second night at sea I was on the Bridge when the engineer came up and told the Captain that we were going to sink. Well that got my attention. We immediately turned for Pearl harbor and notified them we needed some major repairs and we headed there at best speed. We came in the channel and made a 180 into the dry dock and just about sunk onto the blocks, 9 weeks later as my airliner was taking off from the airport I looked down and saw the Walker heading out to sea. What happened in between was burning the candle at both ends in a non stop funfest. School started a couple of days later and I had come down with a sore throat and the first day I felt so bad that I stopped in the health center on my way to my first class and passed out as I was providing my health card. I had a really bad case of Mono and was in the health center for many weeks. My payment for my funfest in Hawaii I Guess but what fun it was. A few years later the USS Walker had some side scraping with a Russian cruiser that became the Basis for the INCSEA agreements between the US and USSR….skip

Thanks to CHINFO

Executive Summary:

• Coverage continued over Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's remarks at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment as multiple outlets reported on USS Gerald R. Ford's progress.

• Royal Navy Commodore James Parkin took over the formerly U.S.-led international task force charged with defending shipping from Iranian aggression, reports the Washington Post.

• The Wall Street Journal reported on the national security concerns raised by China's widespread funding of U.S. researchers.

This day in world history

January 31


Guy Fawkes is hanged, drawn and quartered for his part in the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up Parliament.


Virginia colony leaders write to the Virginia Company in England, asking for more orphaned apprentices for employment.


The Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart dies.


A man with two pistols misfires at President Andrew Jackson at the White House.


House of Representatives approves a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery.


The German Reichstag exempts royal families from tax obligations.


Germans use poison gas on the Russians at Bolimov.


German U-boats sink two British steamers in the English Channel.


President Woodrow Wilson refuses the compromise on Lusitania reparations.


Germany resumes unlimited sub warfare, warning that all neutral ships that are in the war zone will be attacked.


The Soviet premier tells Japan to get out of Manchuria.


The Battle of Stalingrad ends as small groups of German soldiers of the Sixth Army surrender to the victorious Red Army forces.


U.S. troops under Vice Adm. Spruance land on Kwajalien atoll in the Marshall Islands.


Paris protests the Soviet recognition of Ho Chi Minh's Democratic Republic of Vietnam.


U.S. planes resume bombing of North Vietnam after a 37-day pause.


In Vietnam, the Tet Offensive begins as Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers attack strategic and civilian locations throughout South Vietnam.


Ernesto Miranda, famous from the Supreme Court ruling on Miranda vs. Arizona is stabbed to death.


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Begin forwarded message:

From: "Sandi Joyce" <>
Date: January 31, 2020 at 7:24:38 AM PST
To: "Lyle Bien" <>, "Mike & Debbie McCabe" <>, "Bill Driscoll" <>
Subject: FW: Message From Margie Frost

Dear Navy and Personal Friends,

I received this message from Margie Frost early this morning. I'm asking that you forward this to the Navy community and others you may feel should know. This is indeed a sad time but if anyone can fight this Frosty and Margie can. The MD Anderson facility they will be going to is in Houston. Prayers to the both of them and their family.


Sandi Joyce

From: Mfrost1100
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2020 12:04 AM

Thank all of you for checking in on us and Sandi for sharing the details to friends we have met and loved along the journey.

As David has been reminding me our journey has been damn near perfect. The passing of young Dave was and is the heart break of our lives--but what a kid and what a loss it would have been had he not journeyed with us.

Am I sad --- absolutely--and this sucks big time, but, upon examination, our life's pack is pretty light. This is the reality David keeps insisting we remember as we face the future. OK Frost, our glass is not half empty, it's a God Damn picture and the fucking thing is overflowing." He likes this answer.

Here's the quick and dirty:

Diagnosed with parotid gland (very rare) cancer mid December. Removal of gland and affected lymph nodes 13 January.

Oops --44 nodes removed 42 cancerous, now enter the stage 4 zone, concurrent radiation-chemo recommended (50% chance will reappear as stage 4 somewhere else in 6-12 months}.

Today: Quick test to identify placement of markings for treatment. Not so fast --result, multiplying big time. Drs. sending us to MD Anderson.

Will send updates regularly

You all are the very best--lucky us


Ps. I don't know how to write this--hope this is OK


Yesterday was the 52st anniversary of the Tet Offensive

This is a quick summary. For more go to and type in Tet



1968 - Tet Offensive

By Jennifer Rosenberg, Guide

Tet Offensive (1968): U.S. troops had been in Vietnam for three years before the Tet Offensive, and most of the fighting they had encountered were small skirmishes involving guerilla tactics. Although the U.S. had more aircraft, better weapons, and hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers, they were stuck in a stalemate against the Communist forces in North Vietnam and the guerilla forces in South Vietnam (known as the Viet Cong). The United States was discovering that traditional warfare tactics did not necessarily work well in the jungle against the guerilla warfare tactics they were facing.

In early 1968, General Vo Nguyen Giap, the man in charge of North Vietnam's army, believed it was time for the North Vietnamese to make a major surprise attack on South Vietnam. After coordinating with the Viet Cong and moving troops and supplies into position, the Communists made a diversionary attack against the American base at Khe Sanh on January 21, 1968.

On January 30, 1968, the real Tet Offensive began. Early in the morning, North Vietnamese troops and Viet Cong forces attacked both towns and cities in South Vietnam, breaking the ceasefire that had been called for the Vietnamese holiday of Tet (the lunar new year).

The Communists attacked around 100 major cities and towns in South Vietnam.

The size and ferocity of the attack surprised both the Americans and the South Vietnamese, but they fought back. The Communists, who had hoped for an uprising from the populous in support of their actions, met heavy resistance instead.

In some towns and cities, the Communists were repelled quickly, within hours. In others, it took weeks of fighting. In Saigon, the Communists succeeded in occupying the U.S. embassy, once thought impregnable, for eight hours before they were overtaken by U.S. soldiers. It took about two weeks for U.S. troops and South Vietnamese forces to regain control of Saigon; it took them nearly a month to retake the city of Hue.

In military terms, the United States was the victor of the Tet Offensive for the Communists did not succeed in maintaining control over any part of South Vietnam. The Communist forces also suffered very heavy losses (an estimated 45,000 killed). However, the Tet Offensive showed another side of the war to Americans, one which they did not like. The coordination, strength, and surprise instigated by the Communists led the U.S. to realize that their foe was much stronger than they had expected.

Faced with an unhappy American public and depressing news from his military leaders, President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to end the escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

See full article: Vietnam War


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AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes - YouTube

This set of 100 quick movie clips in 10 minutes is pretty cool. Some of the " best and most memorable lines ever." Once you start, you just can't stop watching.


Thanks to Carl

Getting Your Ass Tased

This is apparently what happens when a guy is tased, and the taser hits a loaded magazine in his back pocket. Next time maybe he'll follow police orders -- or not!

Always nice to see a story with a happy ending, no Police Officers injured and Bad Guy who pulled the gun learned a valuable lesson, don't start a gunfight you have no chance of winning.

This could have been so simple and no one injured.... just do as you are told if you disagree go to court, live a long and happy life


This Presentation On America's Secret MiG Squadron By The Man Who Built It Is Incredible - The Drive

thanks to Tam and Dutch

Enjoy! The secret Red Eagles MIG program



Thanks to Dutch

From the net…courtesy of Rich and JC …

Hi to all -


Seems that the corona virus is much worse than we were told just days ago. Instead of a handful of cases, China is now admitting that there are more than 90,000. Large areas are being locked down, in an effort to slow or stop the spread of this disease. The source, and vector, are as yet uncertain. It seems that people can be infected for up to eight days, before any symptoms show. Not clear what the symptoms are, other than being like having the flu. But, so many illnesses are like having the flu, this is not a good indicator. People are being told to stay inside, and to wear surgical masks. We have much yet to learn about this ailment, and it seems to be spreading at a rate far faster than previous epidemics.


Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day, where the millions of people murdered by the Germans were remembered. This got very little media attention here in the US. After all, we might 'offend' someone, like the Muslim community.

Trump Rally

He held a rally this evening in New Jersey. The venue held about 10,000 people. However, they received 150,000 requests for seats. Hundreds camped out overnight to get a chance at tickets (and it is cold in New Jersey at night), and literally tens of thousands were outside the venue. Says something for how the impeachment trial is going, right? And, also for the prospects for the democrats in the election. And, wouldn't you know it, Bernie leads the pack! And, his proposals are really off the rails.


The latest scam by the crooks is to play a tape of a child or baby crying in the hallways of apartments, then attacking anyone who opens their door to see what is happening. Police are advising residents not to open their doors, but to call police if they hear crying. Tough world we live in, isn't it?

Supreme Court

They just made a ruling in favor of Trump on immigration. If a person trying to enter the US is a high risk for going directly on welfare, and cannot provide for his own support, then that person can be denied entry. We need workers, not dependents.

Pam Bondi

She is the former Attorney General of Florida, and has been working for Trump. She presented at the trial, and totally destroyed the democrats claims that the Hunter Biden/Ukraine scandal should not be an issue. It is exactly what it appears to be, a sitting VP demanding a quid pro quo using our tax money, a totally impeachable offense. If the trial does call witnesses, expect that Hunter will be called. That could be interesting.



Welcome Home - In Their Own Words

thanks to Ben and Dutch

10 minutes and 45 seconds, I think you will enjoy this one.

So very few really understand this...

Can't say Thank You enough

Welcome Home - In Their Own Words | FlyingTV


thanks to Doctor Rich

Make sure you watch it to the very end … only a couple of min.!!

Go to this facebook site and scroll down a few screens to "John Yavuz Can shared a post"

to see the start of the video above, which is even more amazing:


USA—White House To Roll Back Obama-Era Restriction On Land Mines Vox | 01/31/2020 The Trump administration is revising rules on the use of anti-personnel land mines, reports Vox (Washington, D.C.). President Trump rescinded a 2014 directive from the Obama administration banning the production or acquisition of such weapons, according to a leaked State Dept. cable obtained by the news service. He also lifted restrictions on the use of land mines outside of the Korean peninsula. A public confirmation is expected in the coming days, Defense Dept. sources told CNN. The decision was the result of an internal Pentagon review initiated in 2017, which found that a prohibition on the use of land mines outside of the Korean peninsula posed a risk to mission success. The new rules are expected to limit the use of land mines to those with a self-destruct or self-deactivation feature. The authority to use land mines in combat will be delegated to the heads of the U.S. combatant commands, Pentagon officials said. One impetus for the change is increased concern about a major conflict with an adversary such as China or Russia.

USA—Marine Pilot Becomes 1st To Reach 1,000 Flight Hours On F-35 United States Marine Corps | 01/31/2020 A U.S. Marine Corps pilot has become the first to reach 1,000 hours flying the advanced F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, reports the service. Lt. Col. Brian Bann reached the milestone on Dec. 11 while delivering a new F-35B fighter to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., the service announced on Wednesday. Bann began flying the F-35 in April 2013, one of the first Marines to do so and was the 81st pilot overall to qualify on the jet. He previously flew the AV-8B Harrier II and the F-16 Fighting Falcon while on assignment to the Air Force on an inter-service pilot exchange tour. He currently serves as an F-35 acceptance pilot and government flight representative on assignment with the Defense Contract Management Agency at Lockheed Martin's F-35 plant in Fort Worth, Texas. Bann performs acceptance flight checks for all three F-35 variants, noted

USA—Navy Deploys Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead For 1st Time Federation of American Scientists | 01/31/2020 The U.S. Navy has fielded its new low-yield nuclear warhead aboard a ballistic missile submarine for the first time, reports the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). USS Tennessee departed on a deterrent patrol carrying the W76-2 warhead in late 2019 and is expected to return to port in February, according to a FAS official cited by NPR News. The Tennessee is believed to be carrying one or two of the new low-yield warheads. Per longstanding policy, the Pentagon refused to confirm or deny the presence or absence of the warheads, according to a Dept. of Defense statement. The first W76-2 was completed in February 2019, with an estimated 50 low-yield warheads produced following a production run of upgraded W76-1 warheads, said the FAS. At that time, the National Nuclear Security Administration said it was slated to complete the initial operational capability quantity of the warheads and deliver them by the end of fiscal 2019. The W76-2 is a variant of the W76-1 warhead, produced by deactivating the thermonuclear secondary of the warhead. This results in a fission weapon with an estimated yield of 5 kilotons.

United Kingdom—Royal Navy Officer Takes Command Of Multinational Security Mission In Gulf U.K. Ministry Of Defense | 01/31/2020 Commodore James Parkin of the British Royal Navy has taken command of the International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC) headquartered in Bahrain, reports the U.K. Ministry of Defense. Parkin assumed command from U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Alvin Holsey on Thursday during a ceremony at the IMSC's headquarters, reported U.S. Central Command. The IMSC was stood up by the U.S. in September to provide security to commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Oman after the mining of several tankers and the seizure of a U.K.-flagged vessel by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz in 2019. Members of the coalition include the U.S., U.K., Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Albania. Parkin is scheduled to lead the IMSC for four months.

Italy—Lawmakers Propose New Technology Development Agency Defense News | 01/31/2020 Italian parliamentarians have proposed legislation to establish a new government agency to develop civil technologies for military applications, reports Defense News. The proposed Joint Center for Innovation and Strategic Technologies (CINTES in Italian) would be located near an existing military research facility in Pisa on Italy's west coast. The agency would be led by a management board consisting of a military director, three civilian researchers and representatives from the Treasury, defense, economic development and education, university and research ministries. Proponents say the proposal is supported by the military and several political parties. The legislation cites the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a model. It also notes that France and Germany are setting up their own similar agencies and that Italy must follow suit to keep pace in technology development. Details on the funding needed for the agency have not been finalized.

Greece—Lawmakers Approve Updated Defense Agreement Signed With U.S. Greek Reporter | 01/31/2020 The Greek Parliament has approved an enhanced defense accord with the U.S., reports the Greek Reporter. On Thursday, lawmakers ratified the updated Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) 175 to 33, with 80 members, mostly from the opposition Syriza party, voting present. The updated deal was first signed in October during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The agreement allows the U.S. to use Greek naval facilities in Alexandroupolis and Souda, as well as air bases in Stefanovikeio and Larissa, the Kathimerini newspaper (Athens) reported at that time. U.S. forces can use those facilities for training, refueling, temporary maintenance, storage and emergency response. Washington is expected to invest more than 12 million euros (US$13 million) at Larissa and about 6 million euros (US$6.7 million) at Marathi, which is part of the U.S. base at Souda, Crete.

Turkey—Erdogan Demands Halt To Idlib Offensive Hurriyet | 01/31/2020 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded that Russia halt Syria's offensive on the rebel enclave in Idlib province, reports the Hurriyet Daily News (Ankara). Russia is failing to abide by the agreements made with Turkey in Sochi and Astana, Erdogan said on Thursday. Turkey continues to abide by its obligations under those agreements, the president emphasized. Idlib was established as a de-escalation zone by Russia and Turkey during negotiations in Astana and Sochi in 2017 and 2018, noted Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Moscow backs the Assad regime, while Ankara has supported the rebels. Syrian and Russian forces have opened an offensive with the apparent aim of seizing the region in recent weeks. On Wednesday, Syrian government forces seized Maarat Al-Numan, the second-largest city in the province. In the aftermath, Erdogan warned that Turkey "will do whatever is necessary if these bombardments do not stop." Ankara is seen as having set the rebel-held city of Idlib as a red line, out of concern that a Syrian siege of the city could send tens of thousands of refugees to Turkey, said experts quoted by Voice of America News. Erdogan also warned that Turkey would retaliate if Syria attacks any of its observation posts in the Idlib de-escalation zone. At least two Turkish observation posts have been surrounded since Dec. 23 when Syrian forces captured the towns where they were located.

Finland—Joint Armored Vehicle Development Project Launched With Latvia Finnish Ministry Of Defense | 01/31/2020 The Finnish Ministry of Defense says it has signed an agreement with Latvia to jointly develop a common wheeled armored vehicle. A technical arrangement kicking off the program was inked on Wednesday, said a ministry release. The vehicle will be based on a 6 x 6 chassis featuring the best qualities of Patria's XA-series and Armored Modular Vehicle platforms, the Finnish firm said in a release. An initial letter of intent on jointly acquiring armored vehicles was signed by Finland, Latvia and Estonia in December. Additional countries may join the program if Finland and Latvia both agree, the ministry said. Should the program lead to procurements, deliveries could start as soon as 2021, reported the Latvian Ministry of Defense. Once development is complete, deliveries are expected to take place over a 10-year period.

Russia—Hypersonic Interceptor Fielded For Pantsyr Air Defense Systems Tass | 01/31/2020 Russia has fielded a new hypersonic interceptor for its Pantsyr-S gun-missile air defense system, reports Russia's Tass news agency. The new missile was revealed on Wednesday by a design official at Rostec. Flying at hypersonic speeds, the new missile intercepts targets faster, allowing a quicker rate of firing by clearing the firing channel faster, noted the official. Additionally, the high speed increases the missile's kinetic energy, boosting its lethality.

South Korea—Global Hawk UAV Squadron Stands Up Yonhap | 01/31/2020 The South Korean air force has activated a new unit to operate its Global Hawk uncrewed aerial vehicle, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul). The squadron was established in December after the military received its first RQ-4 Block 30 Global Hawk, the defense ministry said on Friday. The air vehicle was delivered on Dec. 13, reported the Aju Business Daily (Seoul). South Korea purchased four Global Hawks in 2011. The remaining three are to be handed over in the first half of 2020. The UAVs are expected to strengthen South Korean reconnaissance capabilities amid potential threats from North Korea and elsewhere in the region.

Philippines—2 Rebels Killed In Gun Battle In Sarangani Province Philippine Daily Inquirer | 01/31/2020 Philippine soldiers have killed two communist rebels in fighting in the southern Sarangani province, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer. On Wednesday, troops from the 73rd Infantry Battalion engaged 10 suspected New People's Army (NPA) guerrillas near the village of Kinam, said a military spokesman. The military had received intelligence that the guerillas were gathering food. Militants opened fire as the troops approached, reported the Manila Standard. The Philippine soldiers recovered an M16 rifle, M653 rifle and propaganda from the site.

Pakistan—7 Die In Shootout In N. Waziristan Daily Times | 01/31/2020 Two Pakistani soldiers and five militants have been killed in a clash in North Waziristan, reports the Daily Times (Lahore). Security forces launched an operation in Datta Khel on Thursday acting on an intelligence lead, said the Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR). The troops uncovered a terrorist hideout, where a gunfight broke out, the ISPR said. The militants were involved in bomb and gun attacks, sources told Radio Mashaal. The affiliation of the suspected militants was not immediately disclosed. Multiple groups, including the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), are active in the region.

Iraq—Troops Resume Military Operations With U.S.-Led Coalition Reuters | 01/31/2020 The Iraqi military says it is resuming operations with the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS after tensions following the U.S. airstrike that killed a top Iranian military officer outside Baghdad, reports Reuters. On Thursday, the military said it hopes "to exploit the time that remains for the international coalition before the new relationship is set up" to make gains against the terrorist group. A U.S. spokesman for the coalition confirmed the move to Agence France-Presse. Iraqi and U.S. officials have been discussing the possibility of changes to the U.S. deployment in Iraq but no announcements have been made. On Jan. 5, the U.S.-led coalition said that it was pausing most of its operations against the terrorist group due to repeated rocket attacks from Iran and Tehran-backed Iraqi militias. The announcement followed the Jan. 3 killing of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) external operations chief Qassem Soleimani. In response, Iran fired several ballistic missiles at Iraqi facilities where U.S. troops are located.

Israel—CH-53 Makes Emergency Landing In W. Bank Times of Israel | 01/31/2020 An Israeli air force CH-53 Yasur heavy-lift helicopter made an emergency landing in the southern West Bank, reports the Times of Israel. On Wednesday night, the helicopter landed near the settlement of Maale Amos near Tekoa after experiencing a minor technical problem, reported the Jerusalem Post. Fourteen personnel were onboard at the time but no injuries were reported. The issue was repaired by a team of technicians at the site. The helicopter was able to take off within two hours and return to its base. The incident came only two weeks after Israel's Yasur fleet had returned to flight status after a crash in November. The air force grounded the fleet after a CH-53 went down due to an engine failure on Nov. 26. The fleet was cleared to fly again after the completion of an initial investigation into the accident. The Yasur fleet dates from the 1960s and is ready for retirement, military officials said. The air force was forced to purchase five ex-U.S. Navy CH-53s last year to use for spare parts. The service has begun evaluating the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion and Boeing CH-47F Block II Chinook as potential replacements.

Libya—Turkish Cargo Ship Delivers Armored Vehicles Agence France-Presse | 01/31/2020 French officials say a Turkish cargo vessel has arrived in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, and is unloading armored vehicles, reports Agence France-Presse. The cargo ship Bana docked in Tripoli on Wednesday, said a French military source. Turkey has been delivering drones, vehicles and other equipment to the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). Two Gaziantep-class frigates were spotted off the coast of Tripoli on Tuesday, reported the War Zone website. French President Emmanuel Macron criticized his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, calling on him to stop meddling in Libya. An arms embargo has been in place in Libya since 2011. The Emirati government is also believed to have transferred armed drones to the eastern-based Libyan National Army. France has been accused of supplying weapons to eastern military leader Khalifa Haftar, who opposes the Tripoli-based government. Paris denies supplying weapons in violations of the Security Council resolution.

Chad—4 Killed In Militant Attack On Lake Chad Agence France-Presse | 01/31/2020 Three Chadian troops and a civilian have been killed in an insurgent attack on a military post on an island in Lake Chad, reports Agence France-Presse. Security forces "neutralized" 21 suspected militants during the fighting, said Chadian army chief of staff Gen. Taher Erda. Security forces are conducting a sweep of the area for militants who fled, the general said. The attack was blamed on Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), a splinter group of Boko Haram led by Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the son of late Boko Haram founder Mohammed Yusuf. The group has stepped up attacks recently in the Lake Chad region.

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