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The List 5206

The List 5206 TCB

To All,

I hope that the game tomorrow is not a groaner. If it turns out that way then here is a collection of items that you may find entertaining or informative.



Thanks to THE Bear and Dutch

Dutch.... the storyline won’t matter... spectacular film and flying ... Bear🇺🇸⚓️🐻

Begin forwarded message:

From: David
Subject: Top Gun: Maverick - There are two trailers and one how/why we made this film. Watch them all - they call it "A Love Letter to Aviation."

Top Gun: Maverick - on iTunes Movie Trailers

Did you see this movie trailer on The film stars Tom Cruise and Miles Teller. It's in theaters on June 26, 2020. Watch it and tell me what you think.

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A note from Nick Criss son to his mom from the List archives

Mom not sure if you've ever read this but someone sent this article about Duke Cunningham and dad is quoted quite a bit. It must have been written back when he was co of 126. Anyway thought you might be interested if you never saw it before


The first transport of Jews to Auschwitz was 997 teenage girls. Few survived.

thanks to Tam

The brutality and inhumanity are beyond comprehension... yet the strength of the human spirit is revealed in brief glimmers of hope eternal. May we never forget 🙏



This turns out to be number 666 in my file of Shadow archives in the List files and all have been either informative, entertaining humorous or thought provoking…or all of the above.

Thanks to THE Bear and Shadow


I agree with all, and as usual, I find myself smiling as I read through your rages against the direction the Unicorns (Democrats, Socialists and commies) of the Boomer generation are taking our culture, country and armed forces. Sadly, they are aided in this transformation by the neocons and jerks like the Junior Senator from Utah. (A trade for Manchin has appeal, but I’m holding out for “a final solution.” Thus, I am applying a daily salvo of pins and needles to my recently acquired Mitt Romney voodoo doll.)

My Shrink tells me rages, rants and tantrums serve a useful purpose. They are the minor blows that preclude a full-fledged eruption of uncontrolled anger. Catharsis, if you will. Good for what ails you. Keep ‘em coming. If you run short on burrs in your underwear, let me know, I’ll pass you a few ... Bear🇺🇸⚓️🐻

thanks to Shadow –


Had an email chain sent to me by a friend concerning his attempts to reason with another friend, who despite being described as “smart”… turns out to be a “Kool Aid” drinker of the first order. Now I’ve known some brilliant people in my lifetime and my friend is one of those in an even loftier realm... in that I and others consider him a true genius... better yet… a genius possessed of uncommon, common sense. And it bothers me that he could insist his other friend was “smart”. Glib maybe; but reading his responses to my friend inquiries, I saw the hallmarks of a “Film Flam Man”, more than a deep thinker. He regurgitates the Democratic Party line, lock stock and barrel. Even to the point of claiming that Trump would be Putin’s choice in the upcoming election. Really… Really? YGTBSM!

When you think back over the last four/five years… I don’t recall ever seeing a tape of Trump asking another Russian to pass on to Vladimir that after the election he would have more flexibility… and then follow that by canceling anti-ballistic missile systems being installed in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Talk about putting Europe and our country being put at risk? Funny how these analogies never become part of the public discussion. He follows that up with destabilizing the entire Middle East and giving the number one State Sponsor of terrorism hundreds of billions of dollars (excuse me; unmarked bills of cash currency from other countries, paid for with American dollars)… Ever wonder why cash? Perhaps so the Iranians could fund terrorism without leaving a foot print of where the terrorist funding came from? Think about it.

When my friend asked his friend who was his choice for the Democratic nomination; his friend deflected initially and tried to be cute and not answer. Finally, he pinned him down and he confessed he was supporting Biden. Again, YGTBSM! If ever there was a poster child(s) for political corruption, it is Biden and the Biden family at large! Sleepy Joe sure takes care of his own. We are currently watching corrupt, mendacious Democrats, trying to impeach Trump because he asked a foreign head of state to look into corruption in his country, including Biden and his son… “A lot of things went on over there and we’d like to get to the bottom of it”. Frankly, such an investigation should be done immediately, not only by the Ukrainians, but our own corrupt DOJ as well. I mean… what other evidence do you need besides Slow Joes video tape of him bragging about his extortion of the Ukrainians and his son’s no show, million dollar a year job? If Donald Trump had ever bragged about causing a prosecutor from a foreign nation to be fired by threatening the withholding appropriated monies if he wasn’t fired… Trump would have already been impeached with full Republican support! The shear audacity, hubris and gall of Democrats is astounding! Old Joe managed to make his brothers, sons, cousins, etc., millionaires while in office. It is the most shameless and sinister form of nepotism. For Slow Joe didn’t pass along his own earned money; he passed along our (taxpayers) monies along with a few corrupt foreign actors as well. Think about that!

Dems claim Trump made that request because he was fearful of Biden’s candidacy… thereby charging Trump was attempting to meddle in the 2020 election. Frankly, I think he would relish having Joe as the nominee. But better yet, based on Biden’s tape of his extorting the Ukrainians, I wonder why no one at DOJ hasn’t already launched an investigation. I guarantee if a Republican had done such a thing, a Grand Jury would have been impaneled years ago.

The Dems charge that the withholding of funding caused Ukrainians to die in their hot war with Russia and it also jeopardized our own national security. Wait… has the shooting war between Russian and Ukraine been ongoing over the last four years? Funny, I’ve yet to read or hear of any direct conflict between Russia and Ukraine since their annexation of Crimea… save the Russians capturing a Ukrainian ship and then releasing the crew after a month or so. It appears to me, the whole situation has been at a standstill with no more combat between the two nations. Wish some Republican would ask… how many Ukrainians have been killed in actual combat with Russians over the last three years? I suspect the answer is probably none... or minimal... otherwise, we’d have heard about it. And to link this with our own nation’s national security is laughable. Do you really think the U.S. and Russia are about to go to all out nuclear war over Ukraine? Regardless of NATO… it ain’t gonna happen! Especially over a nation that by all indications is the most corrupt nation in all of Europe. A country run by Democrats, albeit with the euphemistic title of “Oligarchs”… both are as corrupt as can be and would be totalitarians.

Funny that when I think of the Democratic Party and their overt embracement of socialism… I remember something I read somewhere… “In the body or every would be socialist… beats the heart of a would be dictator”. Pretty much sums up my feeling about them and their party.

While we’re at it… want to share another thought (maybe “The Bear” will want to comment on this). How about we make a trade with the Democrats… we’ll give them Mitt Romney in exchange for Joe Manchin. Romney is the ultimate imposter… he’s about as much of a Republican and conservative as Adam Schiff… and to be honest, Manchin seems like an OK guy… certainly more like us than the riff riff he’s forced to caucus with. Failing that… how about a recall of Romney? What a fraud… Conservative… Republican? My ass! Have a dear friend I play golf with all the time. Back when Romney ran… he wrote out a substantial check to the Romney campaign. When he told me about it, I was aghast! Do you know the real Romney I asked? The son of a bitch is "The Godfather" of socialized medicine in America… he ran as a Republican only because the Dems were supporting an incumbent that they refused to dump in favor of Mitt… so he changed to an (R) behind his name in order to get a nomination. Look it up.

John Bolton… I have as much respect of John Bolton as I do Judas Iscariot… or a bunch of Navy Flag Officers who stumbled all over themselves to bow to left wing zealots after Hook ’91. They were more than willing to eat our young, while protecting their own… Hook ’91 was a failure of leadership by the Flag community… the Bacchanal atmosphere was escalating every year and they turned a blind eye to it. They did nothing to stop it… what’s more… they totally were oblivious to the changing political atmosphere at play. After what went on during the “Flag Board” Q&A… you’d have to be an idiot to not know a fuse had been lit and things were gonna explode. I was standing in the back of the room with Tres and Harry Gann and I remember looking at them and saying… “That may be the last Flag Board we’re ever gonna see”. It was that obvious to me. Luckily, I ran into one of my former back seaters and convinced him to join me over at the MGM for dinner; that ran well past midnight. It saved his career… he was able to prove he was not at the Hilton when all the shit happened… even though the NCIS nazi’s swore they had eyewitnesses he was there.

I think “The Bear” will agree with me when I say… I have about as much warmth for neocon's that promote wars and conflict around the world, as I do for drug runners and arms merchants… especially those who never served in combat or even wore the uniform. Bolton is a fraud… a self promoting one at that.

Got a lot more to say, but that’ll do it for today. Tomorrow, let’s talk about real attempts to influence a national election using foreign nationals, the FBI, our own intelligence agencies and yes… Russians and Ukrainians. As Shakespeare once so eloquently wrote… “Me thinks they doth protest too much”… Once again, their side accusing our side of doing what they’ve done... with impunity.



e-Cars ... some facts.

Thanks to Dick …and Dr. Rich

Professor Jörg Wellnitz from the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) and holder of a professorship in Melbourne, has meticulously dealt with all aspects of e-automobiles.

The result: “It will never come as forecast by industry and politics.

E-mobility is a great thing in popular opinion, ”says the professor,“ but it makes no sense if you consider all aspects of the topic. ”

Car traffic is responsible for just 16% of climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions. "Farm animal husbandry and the monostructural agricultural are already more stressful," says Wellnitz.

Not to mention the large container ships on the world's oceans; 330 of these ships currently exist, only 15 of them produced as much CO2 as all 750 million cars combined.

Not to mention the air traffic and the large cruise ships ...

“Charging the battery for a Tesla, you can drive an internal combustion engine for 8 years (or 200,000 km) to achieve the same environmental impact," says Wellnitz,

Because, in his opinion, it is only a matter of time before the electricity used to charge the batteries - which is basically anything but clean - is taxed like gasoline or diesel. And then the cost of an electric car would be around 800 euros per month. And due to the possible charging cycles of a battery in 8 years, it almost only has scrap value.

And the auto industry doesn't know that?

"Everyone knows it," says Jörg Wellnitz, "but it is neither about the environment nor about the customers."

Why manufacturers like Audi, BMW and others are currently investing billions in new technology is somewhere else.

“Firstly, billions of EU funds can be collected. In addition, electric cars protect major manufacturers from fines for failing to meet European climate requirements, since they are allegedly pushing the fleet mix down with alleged zero-emission models. "Of course, it's also about the brand image, a green coat and technology control." The electric cars are built knowing that they are anything but the automotive future.

"It is cheaper to do it than not to do it," a car manager once told me! "It makes no sense, but it costs less."

And - incidentally, it's also about selling even more cars. There are already 1.6 billion vehicles worldwide. 80 million are produced every year.

For the manufacturers, e-cars are not a replacement for combustion engines, but an additional business to sell even more cars as a second or third vehicle.

But this additional business reaches its limits when it comes to the raw materials needed to build batteries, the mining of which in Chile (lithium) and Central Africa (cobalt) is not only extremely environmentally unacceptable, but is largely associated with unacceptable child labor.

"If Audi were to build the A4 in a large series purely electrically, they would have to buy half of the world market in cobalt."

At VW - according to Wellnitz - such a calculation had already been drawn up and the result was that the group was responsible for its production of E-cars would need around 130,000 tons of cobalt.

However, world production is currently around 123,000 tons!

And most of the mining rights are in China, which, as Professor Fritz Indra, who also worked at Audi, says "can trigger a veritable economic war".

“The Chinese have secured extensive mining rights in Africa. In Congo, for example, cobalt is sometimes scratched out of the ground by children under the most brutal conditions, ”says Indra.

“You also need graphite, manganese, and lithium. With all of these issues, we are completely dependent on Chinese, we have to buy all of this from the Chinese. ”“

As for Professor Jörg Wellnitz, for a consensus ”Indra, the electric car does not make a contribution to climate protection“ in a holistic view ”.

Wellnitz, for whom the diesel engine is still the cleanest and most environmentally friendly drive, makes another remarkable calculation: A car battery delivers 100 watt hours of power per kg weight, a gasoline engine 12,000 watt hours and hydrogen (for Wellnitz the fuel of the future) 33,000 watt-hours of power per kg of weight.

If you opened a sincere life cycle assessment based on price, installation space and performance, "then the gasoline engine or a small diesel will come out ahead," says Jörgj Wellnitz. And: "The hydrogen car will definitely be FAR ahead."


Thanks to DR

Why The Navy Risked Everything To Assassinate The Admiral Who Planned Pearl Harbor

There was no escape for Admiral Yamamoto.

January 30, 2020

by Michael Peck

Key Point:Yamamoto’s death was significant on the symbolic level.

This time, the target wasn’t a terrorist. It was the Japanese admiral who planned the Pearl Harbor operation. But the motive was the same: payback for a sneak attack on the United States.

In early 1943, Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, commander in chief of the Japanese Navy, was one of the most hated men in America. He was seen as the Asian Devil in naval dress, the fiend who treacherously struck peaceful, sleeping America. And when the United States saw a chance for payback in April 1943, there was no hesitation. Hence a code name unmistakable in its intent: Operation Vengeance.

As with today’s drone strikes, the operation began with an intercepted message. Except it wasn’t a call from a cell phone, but rather a routine military radio signal. In the spring of 1943, Japan was in trouble: the Americans had captured Guadalcanal despite a terrible sacrifice of Japanese ships and aircraft. Stung by criticism that senior commanders were not visiting the front to ascertain the situation, Yamamoto resolved to visit naval air units on the South Pacific island of Bougainville.

As was customary, a coded signal was sent on April 13, 1943, to the various Japanese commands in the area, listing the admiral’s itinerary as well as the number of transport planes and fighter escorts in his party. But American codebreakers had been reading Japanese diplomatic and military messages for years, including those in the JN-25 code, used in various forms by the Imperial Navy throughout World War II. The Yamamoto signal was sent in the new JN-25D variant, but that didn’t stop American cryptanalysts from deciphering it in less than a day.

Adm. Chester Nimitz, the U.S. commander in the Pacific, authorized an operation to shoot down Yamamoto’s plane. With typical spleen, Pacific Fleet commander William “Bull” Halsey issued his own unambiguous message: “TALLY HO X LET’S GET THE BASTARD.”

Yet getting Yamamoto was easier said than done. Navy and Marine fighters like the F4F Wildcat and F4U Corsair didn’t have the range to intercept Yamamoto’s aircraft over Bougainville, four hundred miles from the nearest American air base on Guadalcanal. The only fighter with long enough legs was the U.S. Army Air Forces’ twin-engined Lockheed P-38G Lightning.

But even the P-38s faced a difficult task. To avoid detection, American planners wanted them to fly “at least 50 miles offshore of these islands, which meant dead-reckoning over 400 miles over water at fifty feet or less, a prodigious feat of navigation,” according to a history of the Thirteenth Fighter Command, the parent organization of the 339th Fighter Squadron that flew the mission.

Even worse, the Lightnings had no AWACS radar aircraft or land-based radar to guide them to the target, or even to tell them where Yamamoto’s plane was. Nor could the U.S. aircraft loiter over Bougainville in the midst of numerous Japanese fighter bases. They would essentially have to intercept Yamamoto where and when he was scheduled to be.

However, by calculating the speed of the Japanese G4M Betty bomber that would carry Yamamoto, probable wind speed, the enemy’s probable flight path, and assuming that Yamamoto would be as punctual as he was reputed to be, American planners estimated the intercept would occur at 9:35 a.m.

The Americans assigned eighteen P-38s for the mission, of which a flight of four would pounce on Yamamoto’s plane, while the remainder would climb above as top cover against Japanese fighters. Two Lightnings aborted on the way to Bougainville, leaving just sixteen to perform the mission.

That the Americans arrived just a minute early, at 9:34, was remarkable. Even more remarkable was that the Japanese appeared on time a minute later. Flying at 4,500 feet were two Betty bombers, one carrying Yamamoto and the other his chief of staff, Vice Admiral Matome Ugaki. They were escorted by six A6M Zero fighters keeping watch 1,500 feet above them.

Still undetected, twelve Lightnings climbed to eighteen thousand feet. The remaining four attacked the Bettys, with the first pair, flown by Capt. Thomas Lanphier Jr. and Lt. Rex Barber, closing in for the kill. As the two bombers dived to evade the interceptors, the American pilots couldn’t even be sure which one carried Yamamoto.

Lanphier engaged the escorts while Barber pursued the two bombers. Barber’s cannon shells and bullets slammed into the first Betty, an aircraft model notorious for being fragile and flammable. With its left engine damaged, it slammed into the jungle. Then the second Betty, attacked by three of the P-38s, crashed into the water. The Americans had lucked out again: the Betty that crashed into the jungle, killing its crew and passengers, had carried Yamamoto. From the Betty that hit the water, Admiral Ugaki survived (hours after Emperor Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender on August 15, 1945, Ugaki took off in a kamikaze and was never heard from again).

A Japanese search party hacked through the jungle until they found Yamamoto’s plane. “Afterward the Admiral’s body and the others were cremated and the ashes put into boxes,” recounts the Thirteenth Fighter Command history. “His cremation pit was filled, and two papaya trees, his favorite fruit, were planted on the mound. A shrine was erected, and Japanese naval personnel cared for the graves until the end of the war.”

Yamamoto’s remains were returned to Japan aboard the super battleship Musashi in May 1943 for a state funeral that drew a million mourners. For the Americans, euphoria and satisfaction were dogged by postwar controversy that lasted for sixty years over who actually shot down Yamamoto’s plane: Barber and Lanphier were credited with a half kill apiece, though many critics said Barber should have received full credit.

The irony was that Yamamoto was not the worst of America’s enemies. He was no pacifist, but nor was he as militaristic as the hard-core Japanese hard-liners. Yamamoto opposed the 1940 alliance with Nazi Germany, which he feared would drag Japan into a ruinous war. While he didn’t oppose war as a means of saving Japan from a crippling U.S. oil embargo in 1941 (his depiction as a peacemonger in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! is wrong), he did warn Japanese leaders that “in the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain, I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”

Did Yamamoto’s death affect the war? His Pearl Harbor operation was audacious and brilliant, but his poor strategy at Midway six months later destroyed Japan’s elite aircraft carrier force (ironically, it was also U.S. codebreaking that set the stage for the Midway disaster). By 1943, he was a sick and exhausted man. Perhaps he might have come up with a better late-war naval strategy than the disastrous battles of the Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf. Yet not even the architect of Pearl Harbor could save Japan from defeat.

Yamamoto’s assassination is still significant because it has been cited as a precedent for today’s drone strikes. To be clear, there is no doubt that assassinating Yamamoto was legal according to the laws of war. He was an enemy soldier in uniform, flying in an enemy military aircraft that was attacked by uniformed U.S. military personnel in marked military aircraft. This is nothing new. In 1942, British commandos unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Rommel, and modern militaries devote great efforts to locating enemy headquarters to kill commanders and staffs.

But what’s really interesting is that compared with the controversy over today’s targeted assassinations, there was remarkably little fuss made over the decision to kill Yamamoto. The U.S. military treated it as a purely military matter that didn’t need civilian approval. Admiral Nimitz authorized the interception, and the orders were passed down the military chain of command. There was no presidential decision nor Justice Department review. It’s hard to imagine that the killing of a top Al Qaeda leader, let alone a top Russian, Chinese or North Korean commander, would be treated so routinely.

Yamamoto’s death was significant on the symbolic level. But in military terms, he was just another casualty of war.

Michael Peck is a contributing writer for the National Interest.



thanks to Doctor Rich

Now we’re talking!! Hopefully soon!


British scientists who announced last week their discovery of a new type of cancer-killing T-cell have entered a partnership with a biotechnology company pioneering the use of Dark Antigens to develop T-cell receptor (TCR)-based immunotherapies and off-the-shelf cancer vaccines.


Thanks to Barrel

EVOLUTION of WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING: Size Comparison (1901-2022)

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