Saturday, November 23, 2019

Queen Elizabeth Kicks Andrew Out Of The Loop!

Prince Andrew kicked out of Buckingham Palace over Jeffrey Epstein scandal

By Ebony Bowden

November 22, 2019 

Disgraced Prince Andrew has been kicked out of his offices at Buckingham Palace.
The British royal got his marching orders and was told to clear out on Friday — just days after announcing he was formally stepping away from official duties after a “car crash” of an interview defending his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Times of London reported.

According to the report, the 59-year-old prince, who is facing a sea of criticism amid allegations he had sex with an underage girl, was told he and his staff would have to find another location to do business — a move authorized by the queen.

The report is only the latest humiliation for Andrew this week, amid reports the disgraced Duke of York was also fired from royal duties by his mother, who was reportedly concerned the scandal would tarnish the rest of the famous household.

On Thursday, the Queen also fired Andrew’s longtime private secretary Amanda Thirsk after she pressed the prince to undergo the now-infamous BBC interview, in which he tried to use a bizarre medical disorder to debeunk the claims of Epstein accusers, the Sun reported.

The embattled duke is the first member of the British royal family to step down from official duties because his reputation was so tarnished, according to the Times report.

Prince Andrew didn’t step back from royal duties – Queen Elizabeth ‘fired’ him

But the family is remaining united, with the prince photographed riding horses with his mother near Windsor Castle on Friday — a “clear gesture of support from the Queen,” the report claimed.

Facing an exodus of corporate sponsors and mounting criticism from the public, Andrew this week quit as chancellor of the University of Huddersfield and walked away from his Pitch@Palace entrepreneurship competition.

Companies rushed to sever ties with charities and organizations linked to the prince after the disastrous interview — with Barclays, KPMG and Standard Chartered all yanking their sponsorship.

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