Monday, November 4, 2019

Dear Leader Goes Full Circle: Trump Praises ‘Great’ Lou Dobbs for Praising Trump as ‘Greatest President’ in US History

Reed Richardson
Nov 4th, 2019
9:08 pm

President Donald Trump took self-aggrandizement full circle at his Kentucky campaign rally, offering fulsome praise for the “great” Fox Business host Lou Dobbs for offering his own fulsome praise of Trump, when he recently lauded him the “greatest president in the history of our country.”

Trump, who routinely gives shout outs to to those Fox News and Fox Business personalities that he deems sufficiently loyal, kept up this rally tradition. And while primetime host Sean Hannity is perhaps Trump’s most consistent fan and confidant, Dobbs has carved out a niche as being the most willing to offer absurdly hagiographic paeans to this president.

This unrepentant fealty has clearly registered, as Trump singled out Dobbs for special recognition Monday night, while also taking time to repeat Dobbs’ claim that Trump ranks first among all presidents in US history. It’s worth noting that, earlier this year, presidential scholars ranked Trump the third worst president, just above Andrew Johnson, who was the first to be impeached.

“I was watching the other night, the great Lou Dobbs,” Trump told rallygoers in Lexington’s Rupp Arena. “He said, when Trump took over,— when Trump took over, President Trump, he used to say ‘Trump is a great president,’ then he said ‘the greatest president since Ronald Reagan,’ then he said ‘No, no, Trump is an even better president than Ronald Reagan.’ And now he has me down as the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!”

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