Saturday, October 12, 2019

Unusual but true: Guinea pig-flavored ice cream

Updated: 2019-10-11 

Guinea pig-flavored ice cream 
Maria del Carmen Pilapana tops a scoop of guinea pig flavored ice cream with peanuts at her stall on the outskirts of Quito, Ecuador, Oct 4, 2019. [Photo/IC]
It can't be easy for people who think of guinea pigs as cute pets to learn that guinea pig-flavored ice cream exists in Ecuador.

In Ecuador, people typically cook guinea pigs with salt and serve them with potatoes and peanut sauce. But Maria del Carmen Pilapana is taking things to gastronomic level, serving guinea pigs as a cold dessert.

"My family and my husband thought I was crazy. They didn't think anyone would like these ice creams, but now they're our main products," said Pilapana. She began attending free training courses for entrepreneurs and decided to do something innovative about half a year ago. 
Guinea pigs are pictured at a farm in San Jose de Taboada, Ecuador,  [Photo/IC]. [Photo/IC]

Ants, cicadas and worms are used to make some desserts, often chocolate-infused ones, in parts of Latin America. But incorporating such ingredients - guinea pigs included - into ice cream is unusual.

Maria now has new flavors in mind like crab, chicken and pork.

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