Monday, October 7, 2019

FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORK COMES ANOTHER TALKING HEAD...(GRIN) A former executive of the Trump Organization believes that Donald Trump will resign the presidency out of fear of where the threat of impeachment will take him.

Barbara Res, former vice president of the Trump organization, told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday that she was not surprised by the president’s angry reaction to the Ukraine scandal as it continues to unfold. She called it a typical response from Trump that matches what she saw from him when she used to head up his company’s construction projects.

“He had this notion that everything that happened that was bad was directed at him like they were after him, people were after him,” said Res. “He makes it like, not that they’re after something he might’ve done, they’re after him.”

As Res continued to speak of Trump’s narcissistic tendencies, Stelter asked her for how she thinks her former boss’ time as president will come to an end.

Res’ answer:

“He does a lot of things to save face…It would be very, very, very bad for him to be impeached. I don’t know that he’ll be found guilty but I don’t know that he wants to be impeached. I think that’s what this panic is about. And my gut tells me he’ll leave office, he’ll resign or make some kind of a deal, even, depending on what comes out.”
 Res’ comments came shortly before a report came out, in which, Trump supposedly talked about how impeachment is “bad thing to have on your resume.” 

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