Thursday, October 10, 2019

Clint Eastwood sets the record straight and slams 'THE MEDIA WHORES' In New Film!

America has another hero apart from Donald Trump who detests the fake media and shames it — Clint Eastwood — who has made a movie about an ordinary man who turned out to be a real hero, Richard Jewell.  During the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, 34-year-old Jewell was working security when he discovered a suspicious package.  Risking his own life, Jewell evacuated the area before the bomb went off.  One person was killed in the blast and dozens injured.  Were it not for Jewell's bravery and instincts, the death toll would have been unthinkable.
But because he was white, because he lived with his mother (she was ill), because he wanted to be a cop, and because he was a Southerner, instead of praising this man, the Feds, the media, and the Jay Lenos targeted this hero for personal destruction.  Jewell was smeared as a fat, dumb, Southern-fried mama's boy who planted the bomb himself so he could be a national hero.  This public torturing, this destruction of an ordinary man without a shred of evidence for their lies, went on interminably for months before Jewell successfully sued NBC News and CNN.
Most of us grumble and write comments and complain to each other when atrocities occur, but Eastwood decided to do something concrete: film a movie damning 
the media whores.  
This Hollywood star is now being called "Saint Clint."  Charles Bronson was another great one of this type, along with Jon Voigt, James Woods, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Chris Pratt, Pierce Brosnan, and Jim Caviezel — there are some good, noble men in Hollywood among the squalid majority.

Eastwood's movie arrives in the theaters on December 13, and I hope it will break all records and garner millions for its director.  

While waiting for the movie, be sure to read Marie Brenner's superb 1997 Vanity Fair article 
the movie's source material.
God bless Clint Eastwood — may he live to make more movies.

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