Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2:47 Ann Coulter spoke to Breitbart News Tonight on Monday and said she believes “most Americans” want Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption to be investigated.

Hannah Bleau
The Resistance is Futile! author spoke about the Democrat-led impeachment effort and pointed out that it was Biden who, arguably, violated a statute in regards the Ukraine scandal– not the president:
“There is a statute that was arguably I think – it certainly looks more corrupt – violated by Joe Biden, using your office to benefit you, yourself personally, or a member of your family. I think we got that,” she said, adding that Trump’s query revolved around the corruption of a public official, something that “most Americans” are on board with.
“There is actually a crime for a public official to use the benefits of his office to benefit his family members or himself. That’s what it certainly looks like with Biden,” Coulter said, reminding the audience of the former vice president’s threat to withhold $1 billion in aid “until the president of Ukraine fired a prosecutor investigating a company that was paying Biden’s son multiple millions of dollars for mysterious reasons.”
“The Ukrainian prosecutor was looking at this before Trump said anything about it. It was Biden who got that prosecutor called off. So there was some reason to look into it,” Coulter pointed out.
Breitbart News Tonight host and Senior-Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour noted that Hunter Biden was in charge of “transparency and good governance” at Burisma Holdings, according to the press release announcing his addition to the board.
Eventually, Coulter said, Democrats are going to have to provide an actual explanation.
“I don’t that’s going to fly with Americans because eventually, Democrats are going to have to say something other than, ‘He’s using the White Hosue as an ATM. He’s tearing up the Constitution. He may as well be in the mob,'” she said.
I don’t think anyone is going to be disturbed that Trump thought this is something to be looked into. I think most Americans would like it looked into,” she continued, praising author and Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer’s extensive reporting on the corruption and ties of not just the Bidens but other politicians.
“I hope Republicans are rocked on their heels too. I mean this reporting by Peter Schweizer – it’s not like he’s going after only the Democrats. He’s been going after Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao for some time,” the ¡Adios, America! author said.
“It really does stink to high heaven. These guys show up penniless to the United States Senate and leave multi-millionaires. Look you got the cush job. You got the fame. You have the nice office and all the staff. You’re not supposed to also be making money off of ‘public service,'” she continued.
“Peter Schweizer is doing a fantastic job reporting this stuff, and any of your listers who haven’t looked this up, he has a book that goes through all of it,” she said, referencing Secret Empires.

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