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This is the story of a rebel disc jockey who changed how a generation listened to radio as told through the eyes of one of his biggest fans who came of age under the influence of that voice. This is a love letter to the era when radio was King.

THE VOICE THAT ROCKED AMERICA is the first film about rock and roll pioneer and Broadcast Hall of Famer Dick Biondi. Dick is one of the last of a dying breed of personality disc jockeys who is known for his unique contribution to radio, his influence on the music of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and his extraordinary gift for connecting with people.  At the heart of this story is the powerful connection between Biondi and his teenage audience, a bond that still exists six decades later.  The film seeks to recreate the fun and excitement of Biondi’s radio broadcasts during the during the golden AM radio days, when Top 40 stations like WLS and WCFL ruled the airwaves and every kid with a transistor radio was tuned in.

Surviving 25 firings, Dick’s rocky career takes viewers from coast to coast, and from Middle America to the deep South where Dick discovers that staying on top in a changing radio world has its ups and downs. Being a man of strong faith, he discovers that praying to St. Jude, the Saint of lost causes, always gets him a better deal. The eternal optimist, Biondi keeps going up against management, demographics and rule makers who threaten to suck the soul out of the radio he loves.  Six decades later the spark is still alive for the man who says he wants to die with his headphones on. In this film viewers will get to know another side of the Wild I-Tralian, a zany character who transcends his radio persona to reveal his humanity.

Pam is a shy, insecure girl whose life changes when she meets her teen idol Dick Biondi and starts a fan club for him. Dick is more than a DJ, he’s a friend, someone who makes her feel valued. She never dreamed that 50 years later she would be making a film about him.  The film is narrated by Pam Pulice and includes her personal recollections.

This hour long documentary is slated for PBS Broadcast, Film Festivals, DVD and Streaming.

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