Monday, August 5, 2019

Officials Stymied, On How To Wage War On The Baltimore Infestation...........................(The Rats That Is)!!!!!!

Authorities Are Stymied On How To Attack 
The Baltimore Infestation Problem!

Many Have Some Great Ideas Like, 
Sterilization(Meaning The Rats)
Caging(Meaning The Rats)
Poison(may pose danger to Children, Pets, Freeloaders)

But One Sharp Reader Has Found A Viable 
Solution, Send In A Big Tough Looking Rat 
That Can Weed Out Bad Hombres(Meaning The Rats) 
Make Him Look Like Someone Known to Be 
Tough On Crime & Tough On The The Fake 
Media Who Cover For These Infested 
Communities & Their Civic Leaders! 

Here Is One Prototype That May Succeed!

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