Tuesday, August 6, 2019

It's Not Trump, It's The Stokers Of The Racial Flames That Are Responsible For Young White Youth Going Bonkers!

Just Think About It,
Good Paying Blue Collar 
Jobs Are Scarce These Days
(All Caused By The Destruction 
Of The Past 8 Years Of Obama), 
They Have Trouble Settling Into a Job, a 
Career, And Then All These Young White 
Men Hear These Days Is That They Have 
"White Privilege"

Then They Hear, 
The White Man Did This, 
The White Man Did That,,,
They Hear They Will Pay For Reparations, 
Others Will Get Free College, 
Illegals Will Come Here With Open 
Borders And Get Everything For Free, 
Even Things They Themselves Can't 
Obtain Or Afford That They Have To Pay For!

Does The White Youth Of Today 
Feel Like They Have A 
Target On Their Back!!!
I'm Sure Some Do!!!

Who Are The Ones That Stoke 
These Flames & Do This?

 Say No To These Bums, Vote These Bums Out, Boycott Their Shows!
And Most Of All!!!

Wake Up America!!! 
They're Coming For Your Sons! 

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