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10 Perverts Who Changed the World (For the Better)

The history of our world is full of men who are larger than life — heroes who have become legends over time, and now hold a place as something more than just people. They have become symbols of great aspiration, or traits that we all wish we could embody. However, sometimes it is also important to remember that these men were also just men, and that men are not perfect, and all have their own flaws and quirks. Below are the strange, perverted oddities of 10 of the most influential men in history.

10. Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein is literally the most common name when it comes to modern scientific genius. If you want to insult someone you 
and if you want to suggest someone is a genius, even if sarcastically, you invoke the name of Einstein. His famed theory of relativity, and his infinite quotability — although many popular quotes are apocryphal or out of context — has made him a symbol of intelligence worldwide. However, while many may respect him for his smarts, he was still a man, and no men are perfect. For Einstein, his weakness was his sexual proclivities, and his inability to be faithful or enjoy a normal relationship with another human being.
In 1903 Einstein married a woman named Mileva 
and he had children with her, but after several years of marriage, he decided he was truly tired of being faithful, and went to find a woman to have an affair with. What was particularly strange was his choice — his cousin Elsa Einstein, who was divorced and already had two children from her previous marriage. As if this wasn’t odd enough, even once his wife found out, he continued his affair, and even wrote about how much his wife bothered him — referring to her as “an employee he cannot fire.” While most people think of him as having a fairly clean persona, he was not a very nice man, or a faithful lover, and his obsession with his cousin was a little bit weird. 

9. George H.W. Bush 

George H.W. Bush, the former president of the United States — not to be confused with his son and former president George W. Bush, or his other son, failed presidential candidate and former governor Jeb Bush — is really starting to show his advanced years. It seemed not long ago that his speaking career still had legs, but over time he atrophied, and now he is confined to a wheelchair. His public appearances have dropped off greatly as his health has declined, but he still shows up for various events at times, and tries to make light of the situation in his own, unique way.
Unfortunately for both H.W., and the women who meet up with him, his way of making light of situations apparently involves grabbing womens butts while taking pictures with them — even going so far as to joke that his name is “David Cop-A-Feel.”
 During the Me Too movement, many women have now come forward complaining about the former president’s behavior, one of them even as young as 16. The former president’s response was basically to apologize through his spokesperson and say he had meant it all as an innocent joke.

8. James Joyce 

James Joyce is a literary giant who is mostly known for Ulysses, but also one of those authors who is so famous that while you may have only read one or two things by him because you had to in school, you still know full well that he wrote a whole lot more. As a classic author, from a time period that most people today consider rather prudish, many might be surprised to know just how dirty a mind  
actually had. A series of romantic letters between himself and his soon-to-be wife have ended up preserved for posterity. Her part was long since lost, perhaps out of respect for the fact that she herself was not the celebrity. Regardless, just his side of the letters alone is quite suggestive of how they had fun.
It turns out that  
  had quite an obsession with farts. In many of the exchanges, he comments on how much he loves it when she farts, and how he wishes that she would fart in his face so that he could fully appreciate the smell. In more than one letter, he talks about how he manages to make her fart while having sex, and how much he finds this attractive. While it is a harmless fetish, and not nearly as bizarre as some, it is still not what someone would expect from a dignified looking man who wrote classic literature. 

7. Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey’s research on 
 among males and females, conducted back in the mid 1900s, was groundbreaking and gave us a backbone of knowledge on the subject that is still in use to this day. For that reason, many at the time considered him to be doing things that were entirely immoral, because they felt his research normalized certain sexual behaviors that they found abhorrent. Because he spent so much time researching and writing about such a controversial topic, he has been hit with at least partial blame by one group or another for almost everything sexual that somebody doesn’t like. Among other things, he’s been credited with Roe v. Wade, increased sex education, normalization of homosexuality, more use and acceptance of porn, and looser laws against sex offenders. Depending on who you ask, not all of that is a bad thing.
Of course,  
himself was a true pervert, but this doesn’t detract from the very real research that he did, or invalidate the results he got. In fact, it should be no surprise that a man who spent his life researching sex had some interesting proclivities himself. Alfred Kinsey was alleged to have had affairs secretly with men, filmed odd sex scenes in his own home, and was a fan of, among other things, urethral stimulation. There are also claims that he encouraged his staff to talk to their partners about having open marriages, although it was unclear if he expected himself to be included, or if he just wanted them to be freer with their sexuality.

6. Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is one of those figures who has practically been elevated to sainthood; unfortunately, he 
all that praise. While his peaceful words are great things to live by, and he did do a lot of good, many of his actions, and his personal demons, may have made him a pariah if the kind of information sharing we have now had existed back when he was acting to bring about change in India. One of the things Gandhi preached, apart from non-violence and poverty, was sexual chastity. He even claimed that holding in your sexual fluids made your stronger and more vital over time. However, he also believed that these claims of chastity should be regularly put to the test, something many scholars believe was simply a veiled way for him to continue to find way to satisfy himself while still feeling spiritual.
 liked to sleep among naked young women, oftentimes in a state of nakedness or mostly nakedness himself. He did not have sex with them, but in some of his writings there is talk of involuntary discharges, and there is plenty of touching going on as it is described that they are sleeping side by side. This makes it rather hard to believe that nothing sexual was going on, and that he was truly trying to remain chaste. Some people feel that he may have been using his religious position of trust in order to satisfy himself while appearing chaste — what was going through his head, of course, is impossible to ever know. 

5. Amadeus Mozart 

Amadeus Mozart is arguably one of the two most famous composers in European history, and has influenced countless musical artists over the centuries. His music has been a staple in the most prim and proper concert halls for generations, and people love to play his music just to show how classy they are — or to feel classy for a time. However, for those who have seen the movie Amadeus, and have also read the rest of this article thus far, they might imagine where this is going. In the movie Amadeus — a historical fiction — we see a Mozart that can be kind of bawdy, a little wild, and sometimes quite uncouth. While much of the movie is apocryphal or at least wildly inaccurate, the portrayal of Mozart may be more accurate than you might imagine.

You see, Germany has always seemed to have a strange thing about poop, compared to other countries, and it goes all the way back to the time of Mozart. There are correspondences saved where he wrote to his mother while growing up, wishing her goodnight while writing her sweet poems about pooping in the bed. He also wrote naughty letters to his 
which yes, also included poop, and even wrote songs about it as well. One of them had lyrics that essentially translated to  
It is important to note, though, that there is little to any indication that there was anything incestous here. While he may have had some kind of fetish, he also just seemed to find it terribly amusing — if nothing else, he was a very perverted jokester. 

4. Benjamin Franklin 

Benjamin Franklin is famous for inventing so many things that he’s even been credited with discovering things he did not. He was a Founding Father,
 a possible high ranking Freemason, an influential diplomat who helped bring the French to the United States’ side during the Revolutionary War, an inventor, an accomplished writer, one of the most devious, cunning, sociopathic men to ever walk the earth, and also a pervert with some very bizarre beliefs. When he had recently got up in the morning, he liked to take his clothes off and sit with the 
  for a good 30 minutes or so, his ever fattening form parked right in front of it. He believed that this was good for his health, although many today might wonder if it was some form of exhibitionism — he referred to procedure as an “air bath.”
However, even worse was how he felt about dating. He once wrote to a man explaining all of the reasons he should look to an older woman as a 
He explains, among others things, that they will not produce children, are more grateful, more discreet, and that if you look from the neck down, you won’t notice much difference. It is unlikely that anyone today would consider him much of a role model — not anyone who wants anyone to respect them, at any rate. 

3. Sigmund Freud 

Sigmund Freud is someone most people would probably expect to be here, as he is not only known to many as the father of psychoanalysis, but more recently he’s become known as “that guy with all the crazy theories about sex.” Freud’s theorizing not only has caused him to be somewhat of a laughingstock in recent years, but he has never really been respected very much because of his wild views. Even though his work in psychoanalysis was groundbreaking, most of his research is simply not applicable today, and at the time, he went through periods where he was even less respected. At one point he was hanging his hat on something called seduction theory
where he believed much of his patients’ problems had to do with traumatic sexual experiences when they were incredibly tiny children.
In later years, he realized that he was likely wrong, and that his patients had suggested these memories into being with his help. We know now that memories from an age that young would simply not form properly in a way that they could be repressed and remembered later — memory just doesn’t work that way. However, this, along with the many crazy theories he had about children and sex, were not his only odd obsessions. One of his beliefs was that you needed to understand any sexual passion involved between a psychoanalyst and patient, and he would have them discuss things such as masturbation fantasies, or dreams — most of his patients were young women, and at one point he had such a session with his own lesbian daughter,
who he was trying to “cure.”

2. Leo Tolstoy 

Leo Tolstoy is mostly known for writing War and Peace, and a bunch of other books that most people in the United States have not heard of. Still, his name is synonymous with Russian literature, and most people simply think of him as a dignified classical writer. However, the truth is that while Tolstoy may have been a genius writer with incredible talent, he was also a vain, selfish, and hypocritical man who was absolutely sex crazed, and mentally tortured himself over it his entire life. As a young man, he was  
a lot, but eventually got over that and got married. Still, even with
 he was not a happy man. He became very religious and started his own strange brand of Christianity, and preached abstinence and the giving away of worldly goods — while practicing neither.
However, the story that truly showed the world who he was, and caused the greatest controversy, was a short story called The Kreutzer Sonata. In this short story, a man marries a beautiful young woman and they have several children together; for all intents and purposes, it is a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, the man starts to become bored with married life, and fantasizes that a friend of theirs who comes over to play the piano — usually playing a piece called the 
is in love with his wife, and she is in love with him. The man goes mad and murders them both, and then has a long monologue on the train to a stranger, about how sex is evil and women cause men’s hearts to be filled with lust. This may sound quite familiar to what is heard from some very religious people even today, that women are responsible for men’s thoughts, at least in part, and need to cover up their bodies to not cause undue temptation. Of course, many argue that the people preaching this are usually men, and may have some issues with self control. 

1. Lyndon B. Johnson 

Lyndon Baines Johnson is mostly known for his so-called “War on Poverty” and also for being a popular target for conspiracy theorists who believe that he may have been in on or directly behind the death of JFK — after all, the vice president would have more to gain than anyone else, and have more power than anyone to cover up an investigation. However, while most people tend to center on these two topics, or perhaps his decisions during Vietnam, very little discussion these days tends to go into just how perverted and abusive President Johnson really was. While President Trump may have made some very bad comments in the Access Hollywood tape, the behavior Johnson got away with involving his… Johnson, would be a horrific scandal today, especially in light of the recent movement to speak out against sexual harassment.
This was a man who would openly pee in the parking lot, whip his business around at colleagues in the bathroom and ask them  
 and make his aides stand at the door of the bathroom and take notes while he was emptying himself, among other things. He liked to refer to his member as “Jumbo” and without any proper decorum, loved to find excuses to bring it up or show it off in order to assert his superiority as an alpha male. He was also incredibly physically aggressive with anyone, to a point that many today might refer to it as assault and physically reject his advances. While he may be a Democrat hero to some today, they likely never knew, or have completely forgotten, just what a sexually harassing, inappropriate pervert the man was, or they would not be holding him up in such high regard.

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