Monday, July 1, 2019

This Zombie Bakery Will Cure Your Cannibalism

brain eating zombie

If you’re the sort of dude who got a boner or the sweats or was just really, really hungry after reading about things like a guy chewing another guy’s face off or even the guy who killed and ate his victim’s organs, then you’re one fucked-up individual and you should pack your bags, say your goodbyes to all that you love and get on a plane/bus and live the rest of your life somewhere really shit and bizarre like Kyrgyzstan or Accrington where you’ll never see another human face again. Oh yeah, take other wasters with you like Kerry Katona, Joey Barton, Frankie Cocozza etc etc (the list is endless) as those lot aren’t really human, either. More like blemishes on the country’s map.

Seeing as you’re still reading this, you must be one of those people who are fucked-up so you’ll enjoy what I’m about to show you. It’ll probably make you really hungry again. In Thailand, a place usually known for ladyboys, a young baker called Kittiwat Unarrom is making a name for himself with his really unusual/artistic/macabre take on baking dough. His bakery is lightyears away from your standard Greggs, let’s just put it like that for now. What makes Kitti’s baking skills so different is that instead of selling normal-looking bread or whatever, he moulds the dough into body parts such as heads, hands, feet, and then glazes them so they look as realistic as possible. And they look real as fvck and creepy as fvck.

His artwork is so mad that he’s even been asked to exhibit his work at various art galleries in Thailand. I dunno if I’d have the balls to eat the stuff but I reckon kudos has to be given to the guy for creating such realistic-looking things. Check it:

body parts bakery
zombie bakery
bizarre bakery
zombie bakery 2

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