Wednesday, July 3, 2019

THIS IS TRUE - Complete Nail Care


A construction worker in Lancaster, Calif., is expected to make a full recovery after accidentally being shot in the head with a nail gun — six times. Three of the nails penetrated his brain; one entered his spinal column, but luckily not his spinal cord. Witnesses say Isidro Mejia, 39, fell from the roof of the house he was building onto another worker who was using the gun below. “The guy holding the nail gun was grabbing to keep from falling, and just gripped tighter on the trigger,” said a Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigator. “It’s a nail gun they use for framing. It can drive nails through 2-by-4s.” (Los Angeles Times) …It’s the first time L.A. cops have said it: 
a Mexican guy really was framed.
And here are the amazing photo — actual x-ray of Isidro Mejia’s injuries. 

 He is expected to make a complete recovery. It took four days to remove all the nails in delicate surgeries, taking care not to create additional damage.

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