Thursday, July 18, 2019

Meet AOC's 2020 Challenger, We Think You Will Like Her!

cr cr
5 hours ago
Congratulations Scherie Murray ! !  About time we have someone with intelligence and competent to represent  New York in Washington  ! ! Count on me to campaign for you on here ! ! YOUVE GOT THIS ! !  

Joe Arevalo
4 hours ago
Finally a lady with common sense , and the fact that she's Jamaican makes it all the better.  No one will be able to shout out about racism ever again.  After this lady wins AOC's position in Congress, which I'm sure she will,  at least she's willing to do something to improve everything in her district, instead of biting the hand that feeds her.  AOC  still needs to be held accountable for all her rhetoric,  and doing nothing to help anyone.  What a waste!!

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