Monday, July 8, 2019

How to Properly Season Air Fryer Basket to Prevent Sticking

This article on How to Properly Season Air Fryer Basket to Prevent Sticking, will help teach you how to prevent most sticking issues.

How to Properly Season Air Fryer Basket to Prevent Sticking

The latest kitchen appliance to become super popular is the Air Fryer. We can all have our favorite deep fried foods without actually deep frying and without using oil. Wrong!

An Air Fryer does not take the place of a deep fat fryer, but it does allow us to have many of our favorite fried foods without deep frying and without tons of oil. However, oil is still needed in an Air Fryer.

Cast of Tools for Properly Season Air Fryer Basket to Prevent Sticking

Most of the Air Fryer on the market have a “non-stick” coating. Unfortunately, that coating is definitely not “non-stick.” In order to help keep your food from sticking to the Air Fryer basket, it is important to season your Air Fryer before cooking and/or after cleaning. You will only need Coconut Oil and a piece of Paper Towel. Please do not use aerosol sprays like Pam, as that will only build up grease and cause more peeling.

Wash and Dry your Air Fryer
Using a soft sponge, soap and water, wash your Air Fryer basket and drawer in the sink. Use a kitchen towel and lightly dry the Air Fryer drawer and basket. You don’t need to dry it totally, as the Air Fryer itself will do a great job of drying the basket and drawer.

Place the basket inside the drawer and place it into your Air Fryer. Turn the temperature to 400 degrees and set the timer for 5 minutes. Remove the drawer after three minutes.

Rub the Basket with Coconut Oil
Using a paper towel, scoop out some Coconut Oil and rub it all over the Air Fryer basket. Just a thin layer is needed. Don’t go crazy with a thick coating. Place the drawer and basket back into the Air Fryer, which will continue to stay on for two more minutes.

That’s it!

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