Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Jerry Unveiled His Baby! But Hold On, Here's His Summer Super Special!

He Calls It The Five Bux Bucket!

Eat Like A Pig For Five BUX!

Who Can Resist That? 

   Pick Up A Bucket Today! 

But Wait! There's More!

 Hold On A Minute!

Jerry Just Upped The Ante! 

Now Buy 2 Buckets For 
5 Bux Each & Get 1 Free
That's 3 Buckets For 10 Bux

Here's What Jerry Has To Say!
"When I'm Stuck At Work Late 3 Buckets Makes 
A Great Dinner, So I Wanna Share That With You"
Also If You Mention The Words 

 "Big Jerry"

You Get A Free Personal Size 2 Liter Soda Of Your Choice!

Vat A Deal!
 And Here's A Personal Note From Jerry, 
I Would Personally Like To 
Thank You For Your Patronage. 
Without This Extra Income It Would Be Hard 
For Me To Get Along On The Measly Salary Of 


I Receive From the Federal Government!

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