Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Dirty Two Faced Dem's Debate Was A Give Away The Store, True Phoney Game Show.

The Dem's Debate Was A Give Away The Store Game Show.

Every body had something to out give the other.
Yes people, do you know where the government gets its money?
From You!
The Dems are all promising to take from working Americans,
much of what they have, and give it to non workers who have
their hands out for that free government cheese.

The game plan of the Dems is and always has been
to promise freedom from the need for a cash life to the vulnerable,
uneducated people, to get their votes.  The Dems always
 attract the poor as dogs to a bone.

When they gain the trust and votes from the push overs, and acquire
the power they lust for, the promises evaporate into thin air.


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