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Ohio Woman Finds Out Years After Her Husbands Death That He Was Her Father

Posted on June 20, 2019 
by StonieWilliams
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Keepin' it in the family, indeed. 

It’s not unusual for someone to find out some family secret later in life. Long lost siblings aren’t unheard of. But when the secret involves both your father and your husband… things get a little complicated. And gross.

The Worst Kind Of Secret…

Mrs. Valerie Spruill had heard all the rumors of her husband (the deceased Percy Sprill). They mirrored stories and rumors about her father. Nobody shared with her the whole truth while he was alive. The bits she heard didn’t connect and didn’t make sense until her uncle told her the truth. “It is devastating. It can destroy you, and it almost did,” Mrs. Spruill told CNN.
Mrs. Spruill’s Story

At three months old, Mrs. Spruill was sent to her grandparents, who she was told were her parents. When her mom would visit they told Mrs. Spruill that she was a family friend. She was told when she was about 8-or-9 about her mother, and she learned that her mother was a “night lady,” as she called her. Her dad and mom met when her dad was only 15. Her mom told Mrs. Spruill that she wasn’t around because it would have exposed the young Mrs. Spruill to the “unsavory things” that she worked with.

The Question 
That Mrs. Spruill 
Has Battled

The question that Mrs. Spruill said that she had been grappling with was: how? She first found out six years after her husbands death. “I don’t know if he ever knew or not. That conversation didn’t come up. I think if he did know, there was no way he could have told me,” Mrs. Spruill said. She confirmed that he was her father with a DNA test, using hair from one of his hairbrushes.

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