Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Butt On Edge, As Lawsuit Of Black Man Killed By Police Heats Up!

Oh Fuj, He Really Didn't Need This Now!

A lawyer for the family of a black man killed by 
an  Indiana police officer says South Bend 
Mayor  Pete Buttigieg hasn’t been “proactive” 
about officer-involved shootings.
Eric Logan’s family plans a civil rights lawsuit 
against the city after the 54-year-old man was fatally 
shot on the street last Sunday while allegedly 
threatening police with a knife.

One has to wonder how they can say that since 
Pete kissed the hand of the Grand Exalted 
Race Baiter  (and who knows what else)!

 Well, I Guess That's What Happens When 
They Know You Have A Weak Spot!


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