Wednesday, June 26, 2019

AOC Criticized For Wearing $600 Watch During ‘Crying’ Border Photo-Op

“When in a dusty area near the border it is always important to be stylish”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has received heat after it was revealed that she was wearing a $600 dollar watch during her carefully staged ‘crying’ border photo-op.

The photos, which show AOC crying into her hands, were taken two days before she won her Congressional race. They show her outside a “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas which was being used to temporarily hold migrant children.
It is unknown what Ocasio-Cortez is looking at or crying about, but the photos are carefully staged to catch the height of her emotion, prompting questions as to their ‘in the moment’ authenticity.
Even Newsweek highlighted the bizarre sight of AOC wearing a pristine, crisp white outfit and bright red lipstick during what was supposedly a “protest”.
Ocasio-Cortez was apparently trying to look good alongside the numerous celebrities who showed up for the event.
Now Twitter users are dragging Ocasio-Cortez for wearing a $600 dollar watch during a protest.
Eagle-eyed sleuths zoomed in on the watch and found out that it was a Mavado Museum Classic which retails at $595.
While that’s hardly Rolex-level, it did prompt some questions.

“When in a dusty area near the border it is always important to be stylish with a designer watch and all white….in the dust…Apparently she wasn’t there long,” commented one respondent.
“Of course it was a contrived display,” remarked another. “The body language, the pose, the clothes. Everything there is screaming, “I need to look good for the cameras”.
“She seems to be doing pretty well for a bartender who couldn’t afford an apartment 6 months ago!” commented another.
“But muh student loans,” added another.

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  1. Oh, Thats AOC, I thought it was some rich Mexican tryin to get over the fence to get on Welfare!


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