Tuesday, May 7, 2019

She fell asleep with grandchild in her lap and woke up to her son stabbing her


A woman is hospitalized in critical condition after a stabbing in Royal Palm Beach, and her son is now facing attempted murder charges.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested 30-year-old Ryan Guenot.
Investigators said Guenot admitted to stabbing his mom around 6 a.m. after a night out. He said he went to sleep, suddenly woke up and stabbed his mother.
The stabbing happened at the Saratoga Lakes development, a neighborhood just northwest of Okeechobee Boulevard and Royal Palm Beach Boulevard.

Sunday, a judge granted no bond to Ryan Guenot, ordering a full hearing and no contact with the victim.
Police say the man charged with attempted murder, for stabbing his Mother while she slept, claims he was “blacked-out” during the incident.
According to the report, detectives received a call from a man claiming his brother had just cut his mother with a knife and then ran.
Once Deputies arrived at the house, they noticed blood trails leading into the home and blood smears on the wall next to the front door.
The victim told deputies that her two sons, as well as her youngest son’s juvenile children, lived in the residence with her.
The woman told police that she heard her oldest son Ryan Guenot return home from Sunfest around 3 a.m. but he went to his room and she fell back asleep.
Her youngest son woke around 6 a.m. to his Mother screaming for his help.
When he went to go investigate, he found his brother Ryan Guenot on top of his Mother and she was bleeding from her head and yelling “he’s beating me up.”
The brother was able to pull Ryan off off his Mother and struggled with him until Ryan eventually ran from the residence.
Detectives spoke with the victim at the hospital and she said she was sleeping on the recliner, with her four-year-old granddaughter on her lap, when she woke up to what felt like punches to the head.
Detectives say the woman suffered stab wounds to the back of the head, two stab wounds to the chest and one lateral laceration across the neck.
The tip of the knife was also discovered to be broken off inside the woman’s head as a result of being stabbed.
Police located Ryan on Okeechobee Boulevard and he was taken into custody.
According to reports, Ryan asked police how his mother was doing and told deputies he had “blacked-out.”
Ryan told detectives he has not been diagnosed with any medical conditions, is not taking any medication and was sober arriving home that evening.
In a taped interview, Guenot said he did not remember any details but knew he attacked his mother and vaguely remembered grabbing a knife from the kitchen drawer.
Ryan told detectives that everything happened very fast and that something in his head told him to kill his mom.
Detectives say Ryan told them he ran from the house because he was really scared.
Ryan Guenot has been charged with attempted first degree murder with a deadly weapon.
Guenot refused his first appearance in court Saturday morning. He’s expected to have his first appearance on Sunday morning.

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