Saturday, May 25, 2019

Representative Jerry Nadler Rushed To Hospital!! This Is A Huge Story! Exclusive Coverage & Photos!!

While Attending An Event With 
Mayor DeBlasio It Was Noticed 
Jerry Was Losing Conscientiousness 
So They Immediately Gave Him A 
Drink Of Water And Called 911

Some Are Wondering If The Walls 
Are Closing In On Him As The 
Democrats Coup d'├ętat Against 
President Trump Continues To Fail 

Now Back To The Story!
It Was A Bit Differcult Getting 
Mr. Nadler To The Hospital Though

First Six Strong Brave Men Managed 
To Get Him Onto A Special Gurney

But Then The Ramps Bent Like 
Cardboard So They Acquired A Backhoe

 Then They Stood Him Up Close To The Ambulance

Then They Finally Got Him Up Onto Vehicle!

Once At The Hospital They Replenished His Fluids & 
He Had A Few Meals & Seems To Be Doing Much Better!

He Even Was So Gracious As To Speak With Us And
Even Allowed Us To Take A Photo Of Him Recovering! 

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