Thursday, May 2, 2019

Chris Wallace Opens Fire on Fox ‘Opinion’ Hosts: ‘Pushing a Political Agenda’ With Mueller Coverage

Actually, you make no sense at all. That’s a fact.



you make no sense at all...

That’s a fact."

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Chris Wallace didn’t name names. But he did call out some of his Fox News colleagues for “pushing a political agenda.”
In a scathing appearance on Shepard Smith Reporting Wednesday, the Fox News Sunday anchor called out any colleagues who are downplaying special counsel Robert Mueller‘s March 27 letter to Attorney General William Barr. In that correspondence, Mueller took the nation’s top cop to task for, in his four-page summary, not fully capturing “the context, nature, and substance” of the special counsel’s report.
That letter is huge, says Wallace. And anyone who doesn’t think so has an ulterior motive.
“I know there are some people who don’t think this March 27 letter is a big deal,” Wallace said. “And [there are] some opinion people, some opinion people who appear on this network, who may be pushing a political agenda. But, you know, we have to deal in facts. And the fact is that this letter from the special counsel … was a clear indication that the [special counsel] was upset, very upset, with the letter that had been sent out by the attorney general, and wanted it changed, or wanted it at least added to.”
Wallace added, “There are a lot of people having read now the full report, or as much as it has been not redacted, agree that he didn’t reveal what was fully in the report. Again, those aren’t opinions. That’s not a political agenda. Those are the facts.”
After another exchange, Shepard Smith tried to wrap the segment, thanking Wallace for his commentary. But Wallace wanted to make his point one last time.
“Again, those are facts,” he said. “Not opinions.”

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  1. Time for Wallace to go, He acted moderate just long enuff to help His Wife promote Her Soup Book & to get a good contract at Fox. Now He turned to the Dark Side just like His ole man(a CBS Trooper) , a left wing phony! He'd be good on failing CNN ! Maybe some libtarts that watch Fox will follow Him! Please take Shep Shitt with ya!


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