Friday, May 31, 2019

Former Rock Star Now Possibly At The Head Of Impeachment Proceedings!

Yes, You Know Him As Fat Jerry,
But Did You Know Back In His Heyday  
He Was  A 60's-70's Rock Star?
That Big Hunk Heart-Throb 
Was None Other Then,
BungHole Jerry!

 Back Then He Would Be Plucking 
Away Some Tunes, But Now He 

Finds Himself Plucking Away At

 Donald Trumps Presidency! 

BungHole Jerry!

"Killer Music Flasback"

Fortunately We're Lucky Heez Still With Us 
After A Devastating Stage Collapse Back In The 70's. 
At That Famous Outdoor Concert 

"Foodstock USA"

As He Was Performing And He Jumped
(and Jerry was a real big boy back then) 
The Stage Couldn't Hold The Tremendous 
Force And Load And Then Collapsed.
Fortunately Neither He Or Anyone 
Else Were Seriously Injured.

Here's The Stage Collapsing!

Here's What The Devastation
Looked Like The Morning After!
Some Say It Felt Like An Earthquake!
Poor Jerry Was Driven Into The Stage 
And He Wasn't Found Till Morning!

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