Thursday, May 2, 2019

Finger Lickin' Good? Rep. Steve Cohen Chokes Chicken Joke In Congress

Is This Fool For Real?
What a Jerk
I wonder if KFC paid for the spot?


Rep. Steve Cohen Mocks A.G. Barr with Bucket of Chicken, 

Joke Backfires

Rep. Steve Cohen
Chokes Chicken Joke in Congress
His Shot at Barr Backfires

"Is This Ass Show What 



For Their Money?"

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5/2/2019 7:43 AM PDT
Congressman Steve Cohen came to work with props — using a bucket of chicken to poke fun at Attorney General William Barr for ducking out on a 2nd day of testimony … but Cohen kinda got burned by his own stunt.
The distinguished gentleman from Tennessee put a chicken figurine at the seat where Barr would have been sitting if he had the stones to show up — ya get the joke. But, Cohen went one step further … bringing a bucket of KFC to really drive his point home.
Cohen started handing out chicken parts to his fellow Representatives and other Congressional staffers. Hahaha … and then he turned to Congresswoman Val Demings from Florida. She’s African-American.
You gotta watch the video, ’cause it’s hilarious and a little cringeworthy. Cohen looked directly at Val, drumstick in hand, and offered it up.
Demings declined the offer, but we promise … YOU MUST see the look on her face afterward.
Here’s an idea, Congress — maybe leave the jokes to actual comedians. The figurine would have been enough, Steve.

Written By: TMZ Staff




  1. Why that ole ugly muddafudda. He looks like some kinda extinct bird with that hairdo. Why doesn't that cheapskate get rug for that big bald head? Why didn't he bring some watermelon in too & make a real fool out of himself.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is what the taxpayers are paying for, a bunch of skumbag losers to play games on Our dime!

  4. BTW, if a Republican did that they would be called a racist because there were black people there!


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