Saturday, May 18, 2019

Deblasio Taunts Trump , Calls Trump Low Energy, Sez "I'm Coming For You"! HaHaHa!

That Big Fool Wakes Up Late 
Everyday Cause He Loads Up 
The Night Before On Depressants &
 He Has The Nuts To Call Trump Low Energy, 
That's Funny!

We'll Call Him....
"Sleepytime Bill" 

Here He Is Resting Already! 
Maybe A Little Lit Up!

Here He Is After A Reefer

Here He Is , Looks Like A Double!

Now It Gets Worse!
Looks Like Some Reefer & Booze!

Could This Very Well Be Quaaludes?

Wow, The Kitchen Sink!

Oh No Sleepytime, 
Yur In Big Trouble Now!

And Enjoy These Family Videos!
Enlarge For Best Viewing!


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