Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Anthonys Weiner, AKA Carlos Danger Released From Halfway House!

Anthony's Weiner
AKA Carlos Danger! 
On The Loose!
Hold Onto Your Kids!
Now that's one ugly Mudda! 
A face only a Mother could love!

After a barrage of  sexting scandals with adult women, 
the married Ex-Politician(& a skumbag at that) 
was busted in 2017 for sending obscene messages 
to a 15-year-old NC High Schooler.
Weiner cried(typical Dem) and called himself a 
“very sick man” at his sentencing, where he was 
ordered to serve 21 months behind bars, pay a 
$10,000 fine and to register as a sex offender.

Also don't forget heez the Hubby of Huma Abedin 
the Hillary Clinton Assistant(Who probably knows 
where all them Emails went) that has Family ties 
to The Muslim Brotherhood.

He started his time in Nov. 2017 in Federal Medical Center
(what a farce, he should have been in prison 
with some big Mandingos, maybe Rahway, 
that would sure cure Him quickly!) 
in Devens, Mass., a former Army base about 40 miles 
northwest of Boston and just one of two sites that 
offer residential treatment for sex offenders.

If I had My way He would have been locked in a 
cell with a naked picture of Hillary!

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