Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pucker Up Buttercup! MSNBC & CNN Darling Facing 100's of Prison Years, Ouch

Don't Pick Up the Soap Avenatti!
Yup The Famous Creepy Porn Lawyer 

 Who CNN & MSNBC Loved Having 
On Because Of His Attacks On 
President Trump Now Faces 
Many Years In Prison.

Even The Ho He Was Supposedly 
Representing Is Now Going After Him. 
She Must Be Some Hufffer! 
 Avenatti now faces additional charges including wire fraud, 
tax violations and lying under oath in a bankruptcy case, 
as well as claims involving several clients whose settlements 
he allegedly embezzled and even embezzling money from 
a disabled client! What a SKUMBAG!

He even entertained a Presidential run!

Yet He Was CNN's & MSNBC's Darling!

Time For Your Check Up Creepy!

Advice For Avenatti,
Don't Pick Up The Soap, Ouch!

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