Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Japan Loses F-35A Aircraft in the Pacific, Leaving a Treasure Trove of Technology For Russia & China To Find! Holy Krap!

Japan's military reported on Tuesday that it lost an  
F-35 stealth jet some 84 miles off the east coast of  
Aomori prefecture, Japan, in the Pacific. 

Experts say Russia and China will do anything to get 
 a look at the crashed jet, and if they do find it or can 
salvage it,  they could seriously undermine the next  
several decades of US airpower. 

Russia and China probably couldn't perfectly  
reconstruct the F-35, but any of its technology that  
ends up in the countries' hands would be a blow to  
the heart of the US military.

"There is no price too high in this world for China and Russia to pay to get Japan's missing F-35, if they can. Big deal," Tom Moore, an expert on Russia and weapons proliferation, tweeted

Basically, if Russia or China, perhaps using their advanced and stealthy submarines to probe the ocean floor, first found the jet, they would gain a treasure trove of secrets about the most expensive weapons system in the history of the world.
The F-35 crash in the Pacific represents the first-ever opportunity for Russia and China to hunt for one of these planes in the wild because the jet has crashed only once before, and that time was on US soil. 

Reverse engineering the technology could allow Russia and 
China to build their own versions of the jet, up to a point.
"The usefulness for Russia or China of recovering some or 
all of the wreckage would depend on how much damage the 
aircraft sustained upon hitting the water," Justin Bronk, a 
combat-aviation expert at the Royal United Services Institute, 
told Business Insider.
"The general shape of the jet is well-known, as are its performance characteristics so not much to gain there but parts of radar and other sensors would be prime targets for recover and testing/even attempts at reverse engineering," he added.

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