Thursday, April 18, 2019

Before You Buy An Electric Car....

For Sure!
Electric Cars Are Death Traps 
With Their Documented Unstable 

Exploding Batteries!
Why People Buy Into Them 
And Come Cruisin' Down The Road 
Like They Are All The Rage,
Is Beyond Understanding.
A Conventional Gas Powered Car 
Is a Stable Vehicle. 
 To Have It Burst Into Flames
One Needs To Crash The Vehicle, 
Or Get Out Of It 
And Drop A Match Into The Gas Tank.

 Electric Vehicles However,
Are Much Easier To Ignite. 
You See A Smirking Operator 
In An Electric Car Drive By You 
With A 'Looka Me' Smirk. 
Then You Come Upon Him 
Down The Road A Way,
Yes, That's All It Takes. 

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