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Are The Anti Semite Democrats crazy?

I’ve always been non-political. No one ever talked politics in my family growing up and we seldom talked about politics in my household except maybe around elections. I was married for 30 years and I cannot tell you how my wife voted in any election either in Canada or in Israel.
In Canada in the representative parliamentary system I voted for the candidate, not the party, either the one who seemed to be honest or was espousing an issue that I supported. In Israel because I had read his books and admired Menachem Begin, I started off voting Likud but during the course of time I have voted for two other parties besides Likud, avoiding the extremes, and I haven’t decided who’ll I vote for this time.
I never knew Americans and their politics until I came up on the Internet. My impression based on my experience is that Republicans are rational and Democrats are overrun with people who are either duplicitous or crazy and there is a strong strain of anti-Semitism among them mostly wrapped in anti-Zionism but not always. I exempt from that assessment people like Alan Dershowitz and Joe Lieberman but they are the very sort who have been marginalized or shoved out of the party.
The first of the crazies I met was a Canadian who sympathized with the Democrats. I was renewing acquaintances after the Internet had come up and the exchanges were light and bright. Then one day this fellow sent me a cartoon of George W. Bush with the head of a monkey.
I told him I’m not interested in that kind of stuff. During the aftermath of 9/11 partisan polities was put on the back burner for a time in the US, but then came the 2004 election. Suddenly this guy sent me a long dissertation supposedly written by a psychiatrist who “proved” that Bush was criminally insane. I told that guy to get lost.
I did have an interest in anti-Semitism if not in American politics and I met them both circa 2007 on a new site, Reddit. It was not the megapolis it has become but rather small in size or in scope. I thought I had walked into a revival of a 1930s political rally in Germany. There were two main targets, Jews and Bush. These were not Nazis, but Democrats because they were the only Bush-bashers around — there was no third option of Never Bushers — and their  link to that party was made crystal clear by what happened at a Democratic site, Daily Kos.
Daily Kos had regular bloggers and one day one of them, a woman, wrote that the solution to all the problems in the Middle East is to exterminate all the Jews. That blog would still be up there had not after a few days it became known in the wider world and a cry of protest went up. The blog was taken down and the woman expelled. She immediately went over to Reddit and became the belle of the ball.
Ayal Rosenberg, who had been a regular blogger at Daily Kos, at that point quit. He said there had been in the past year 5,000 entries on Jews and Israel, all of them insulting and hostile.
Ayal Rosenberg: “Reading these past months on Dkos has led me to believe that people here, under the ‘progressive’ banner, support views that end up in one place: Me dead.”
Here I am talking about Reddit, where the situation was exactly the same. I documented it and I’ll give you examples momentarily.
For comparison there was a Republican site of similar size, Free Republic, and it is still the same size today, where you would never see a derogatory word against Jews or Israel — the opposite is true. I got banned there but that was personal. I write books on the Jesus myth but I leave that to my readers and never talk about that subject on the Internet.
I had posted on a current events topic and after a time someone started attacking me for what I had written about their god. I answered him. But he had lit a fuse. For the next several hours I was assailed by an ever-growing mob and it was a brawl over whether their god was a myth. I never backed down from anyone in my life, on or off the ice as we say in Canada. I gave as good as I got and I probably succeeded in crucifying their god a second time, but I could never post there again.
I had a site and I recorded the anti-Semitic comments at Reddit for a couple of months and published them as I got them, identifying who was responsible for this at Reddit. In the end I had enough comments to paper the walls of a room, so I stopped. Here are examples. Excuse the language but Reddit let everything go.

Fucking Jews. Gas them all.
Jew bastard, go stick a pineapple up your mother’s anus, you filthy pus-filled rat.
9/11 and 7/7 were MOSSAD/ZIONIST operations. WAKE UP.
You’re a member of a race the whole world can do without.
Time to crack out Mein Kampf and publish a new edition. Hitler knew something about the Jews.
Ferdinand and Hitler had their reasons. (My comment: Ferdinand expelled the Jews from Spain.)
Who claims the Holocaust wasn’t a hoax? Why, Jews of course. How convenient. Like Anne Frank’s diary, half was written with a ball point pen not available till after the war.
Time to start preheating those ovens again.
Hitler definitely knew something about them that we don’t.
If we get an Israeli backed cabal (Lieberman? Bloomberg?) running the police-state apparatus created by Bush, in control of our nukes and intelligence agencies, we are fucked.

I only wish they did it (bomb Iran), because that would be the end of Israel and Zionists for all time. They would serve themselves into a second batch of ovens and no man would stop it from happening this time. I know I would not shed a single tear over it.
People tell me I can’t be serious for suggesting nuking Jerusalem but I say do it.

We need a Star of David next to every Jew in this thread.

Is this the kike’s version of world history?

The Jews teach their kids it’s OK to kill innocent people.

Maybe we should believe everything Hitler said.
The Jews are not a race. It’s their fucking religion that is responsible for their terminal fuckheadness.
The real atrocities are being committed in this world by Israel.

Americans are brainwashed by the Jews.

Reddit was owned then by a major media conglomerate Condé Nast, which publishes such magazines as Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. The chairman was Steven Newhouse, yes, a Jew, who also has the Newhouse chain of newspapers.
I finally sent a blanket e-mail to everyone in the top echelon at Condé Nast and the Newhouse chain telling them that Reddit had made itself into the Mecca of anti-Semites in the world, those who understood English, and asked what were they going to do about it?

I received one answer. It was from Terry Egger, then publisher of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, later briefly chairman of the 2016 Republican National Convention, now running the Philadelphia dailies and who won the Editor & Publisher award as 2018 publisher of the year. He contacted the managers at Reddit and did a decent job of finding out what was going on and sent me a comprehensive letter, which I published.
Going back decades, there has been a common impression that the bulk of anti-Semites in the US are to be found on the right-wing of the political spectrum. That may have been true in the previous century, but it is not true today. That was driven home to me by my encounter with Reddit and secondarily, Daily Kos. I would estimate that 75 per cent of anti-Semites in the US are leftist-liberals. This came through too in a survey of a random group done by Frank Luntz, the pollster, two years ago, when he asked the group who is favor of the BDS boycott movement of Israel, a rather esoteric dimension of anti-Semitism. A total of 60 per cent said that they had never heard of it. Of the remainder, in actual numbers, those who said they endorsed it were 31 Democrats and three Republicans. The hotbeds of anti-Semitism today in the US are college campuses which are dominated by Democrats.
The national mass media (MSM) is really the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. In 2008 they launched a co-ordinated campaign of character assassination when Sarah Palin, Alaska governor, was nominated by the Republicans as the second woman ever for vice-president. This would be the dress rehearsal for the much larger invidious campaign of character assassination against Trump, which included “Trump Is Hitler” as the main headline of the NY Daily News one day. That is supposed to be the news of the day? The difference was that as second on the ticket Palin could  not defend herself.
The onslaught started as soon as she was nominated. The MSM published a false report that her new-born child was really that of her unwed daughter. This kind of story with no basis in fact, whose only purpose was to smear a political rival, was new then but their use became so frequent against Trump that they became a genre with a name, “fake news.”
Nor did some of these fake news stories just happen, at least in the Palin case. The Daily Caller, then run by Tucker Carlson, now with Fox News, exposed a cabal of 400 leftist-liberal journalists including reporters, commentators, and academics belonging to JournoList who conspired on ways of attacking Palin. There were no discussions of ethics or accuracy. The focus was always on, will it be effective?
The MSM seldom referred to Palin by name, rather by a nickname they had pinned on her, Caribou Barbie. Trump does this too, but he didn’t start it, the Democrats did.
Here’s where things hit rock-bottom.
It happened at the DC Jewish Community Center in Washington. A speaker there, Sandra Bernhard, reputedly a comedienne, called publicly for the gang-rape of Palin.
Everyone in the Democratic Party milieu everywhere was at the time inventing new ways of humiliating and abasing Caribou Barbie, and what could be better than gang-raping her? Bernhard even specified that it should done by black men, residents of New York City.
When they heard this, the audience, all Jews, laughed.
In Israel if a featured speaker at a public meeting had called for the gang-rape of a leading female politician, here it would be by Arabs, this would be front-page news. There would be condemnation from across the political spectrum and that comedienne would probably be arrested.
Here’s what happened there. Nothing. There was hardly a peep of disapproval in the MSM. The theatre producer lauded Bernhard. “We’re proud that she’s a new emblem and ambassador for our theatre and our centre.”
The administrators then invited her back for another week of appearances.
And how come Jews from everywhere, even from the jungles of Burma, know the teaching, regarded as the core of the Jewish faith, “Do not do unto others as you would not have others do unto you” and this never reached the Jews, or at least the Democratic Jews, in Washington?
This example of morally offensive humor turned out to be a harbinger of the future, not an anomaly. Today Democratic comedians routinely make prominent Republican women the butt of the most despicable of what they call jokes.
In the very week that Ivanka, the daughter, was winning high praise around the world for helping to orchestrate into being a new law that is meant to uplift poor women in poor countries, this is what Jimmy Kimmel was saying about her on national television. He referred to a report that her husband Jared Kushner was being considered to replace outgoing chief-of-staff John Kelly, and then quipped, “I guess the thinking is, if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country.”
In Canada, a bilingual nation, making fun of the accent of a public figure whose native tongue is not English, is regarded as the ultimate in bigotry. Once in a while you run into ignoramuses who do it; you just walk away from them.
Melania, the first lady, is a woman who speaks five languages. Naturally she has an accent in English. Kimmel played a 10-second clip of Melania reading a story to children at the  annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Chuckling, Kimmel repeated  the last words she read. “Dees and dat,” deriding her pronunciation of “this or that.”
Katharina Wiedlack, a German woman who has lived in the US, made a study of the continuous disrespecting of Melania, who is originally from Slovenia, by the Democrats, and found a pattern. She said, the media perpetuates “stereotypes of post-Soviet women, the slut and the victim.”
The Republican woman who got the worst of it was Susan Collins, senator from Maine, the consummate moderate.
There have now been two violent attacks by Democrats on Republicans causing bodily harm in the last two years. A shooter fired 70 rounds at the Republican baseball team hitting Steve Scalise, congressman, inflicting on him serious injury. The mayhem could have been much worse had it not been for the fast reaction of two security guards. Rand Paul, a senator, was beat up severely by his neighbor. But Collins could easily have become the third, even fatal, victim.
The Democrats tried to derail the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Country with a campaign of defamation based on allegations that on several occasions he raped and gang-raped women. The only evidence they pointed to that could not be refuted was an ambiguous slang word they found in his high-school yearbook.
Collins was regarded as the probable vote that would decide the issue. As a result she, her family, and her staff were inundated with constant threats and obscenities which continued for six weeks after Collins did cast the vote to put Kavanaugh on the high court.
The verbal threats were bad enough. One of Collin’s female staffers, a 25-year-old  researcher, was told by a male caller, “If Collins votes yes, I may rape and impregnate you.” After the vote the young woman had had enough of public service and went to work elsewhere.
But that wasn’t the scary part. Ricin, one of the most  poisonous substances on earth, was put into Collins’s home. The family had to evacuate until it was dealt with. The post office intercepted a letter in which there was white powder and a note which read, “anthrax, baby.”
One night after the vote Collins could not find a parking space close to her home and had to walk some distance. It was dark and raining and there was no one around. She heard footsteps behind her. She got to her door and was fumbling with her keys while the stalker rapidly approached her, screaming incoherently as he came. He got right up behind her and shone a flashlight in her eyes. She did not lose her cool but turned around to face him. “What is your name?” she asked. He told her. Once inside she called the police.
All during the Obama years people were slaughtering each other in the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East, but the only time his state department seemed to get agitated was when a Jew added a porch to his house in Ariel and such. You would think that by the way they carried on that Israel was Public Enemy No. 1 in the world and not the likes of North Korea.
Today we are getting a glimpse of the next generation of Democrats and while two snowflakes — real snowflakes — don’t make a winter, the forecast is not good. One new congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly accused Israel of a “massacre” of 50 people and causing a “humanitarian crisis” in “occupied Palestine.” There was no massacre and there is no such animal as an “occupied Palestine” except in the minds of anti-Semites.  Humanitarian crises are elsewhere in the Middle East. Another, Rashida Tlaib, accused American Jews of dual loyalty. The worst part is they were not called to order in their party or in the MSM. On his way to visit the border, Trump expressed the same thought as I have, except I am asking a question and he was making a statement. He is closer to the scene. He said that the Democrats “have been taken over by a group of young people who, frankly, in some cases, I’ve been watching, I actually think are crazy.”
Israel should not be too quick to worm out of the deal to lets the Chinese manage part of Haifa port. When the Democrats come back with this bunch, Israel will not be able to accept the strings attached to their aid. The solution then will be to cut and run and within a few years Israel can more than make up the US money by selling its war products to China, Russia, and India, as well as buying theirs. We don’t need a hostile America in our midst.
There was no America in Israel’s life until just before 1967. Israel got very lucky or it was divine intervention, take your pick, that LBJ came along. He was so pro-Zionist that even today there are those who claim he was descended from a Jewish woman but it is not proved. When Texas took its southern territory from Mexico, if you remember the Alamo, they found living there a large number of crypto-Jews who had migrated trying to get away from the Inquisition. His purported ancestress, grandmother perhaps, was one of them. He was bought up in a very pro-Zionist family. His aunt, Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on him, was a card-carrying member of the Zionist Organization of America. The story goes that LBJ read a book in 1934 where the fellow predicted that the Nazis were going to exterminate all the Jews in Germany. It troubled him deeply. That night he had a date with a woman he had just met. He began talking about the book and she was as interested in it as he was. They spent their whole date discussing nothing else. The woman was Lady Bird. He knew from that encounter that he had found his soul-mate.
As a congressman he went to Poland and brought back hundreds of Jews to Texas where he arranged for them to work in the war industry. He then used to send out weapons from Galveston under grapefruit to the Jews in pre-Israel. This was illegal and could have cost him his career. Once in office he looked the other way while Israel built its bomb. He was the first to sell Israel offensive weapons. When France, its life-line, cut Israel off after the 1967 war, LBJ was there to fill the vacuum. What would have happened if there had been no LBJ  and the Americans continued following the old arm’s-length rules with another big war on the horizon? You don’t even want to think about it.
LBJ also supervised the writing of UN Resolution 242 that required Israel to give up some, but not all, of territories captured in the 1967 war in return for peace treaties. We’ve done that so that Judea and Samaria are ours to keep and can be annexed at any time. Britain, which had ruled a world-wide empire and knew international law, had declared that Jordan was not occupying Judea and Samaria because you cannot occupy what never belonged to anyone. Six British prime ministers concurred in this and gave Jordan’s annexation de facto recognition. That’s where things stood when Resolution 242 was written.
LBJ also equated the refugee problems, the 550,000 Arabs who fled Israel and the 800,000 Jews who were driven out of Arab lands. They have to be resolved together. There were 20 million plus refugees simultaneously from WWII and the India partition and they all started new lives somewhere. In our case the UN granted refugee status to descendants so the problem can drag on for millions upon millions of years.  But that cuts both ways, thanks to LBJ.
You live life going forward and there are no more LBJs in the Democratic Party just Obama clones throwing conniption fits every time someone adds a porch to his home in Ariel. Unless the EU disintegrates, and we can only hope that Brexit is infectious, there will be nothing for  Israel in Europe. Keep the Chinese in Haifa. You cannot put your trust in crazy people.

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