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This Day In Naval History 
March 25, 2019
1813 During the War of 1812, the frigate Essex, commanded by Capt. David Porter, takes the Peruvian cruiser Neryeda, which is the first capture by the U.S. Navy in the Pacific.
1822 USS Shark, commanded by Lt. Matthew C. Perry, raises the first U.S. flag over Key West, Fla., and claims the territory for the United States, calling it Thompsons Island to honor Secretary of the Navy Smith Thompson.
1898 Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, recommends to Secretary of the Navy John D. Long that he appoint two officers of scientific attainments and practical ability who, with representatives from the War Department, would examine Professor Samuel P. Langley's flying machine and report upon its practicability and its potential for use in war.
1915 The submarine, F-4 (SS 23) sinks off Honolulu, Hawaii, with the loss of 21 lives. It is the first commissioned submarine loss for the U.S. Navy.
1944 USS Manlove (DE 36) and submarine chaser PC 1135 sink Japanese submarine I 32, 50 miles south of Wotje.
1957 The first F8U-1 Crusader is delivered to a fleet unit, VF-32, in the record time of two years after the first flight of the experimental model.
2007 Congress designates March 25 each year as National Medal of Honor Day. The day is significant as it is the day the first Medal of Honor was presented in 1863.

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Executive Summary:
Leading national news headlines today are continued reports that Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation did not find the Trump campaign "conspired" with Russia, and that Florida's emergency chief is calling for more mental health resources following a second Parkland shooting survivor suicide in a week. Navy destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur and Coast Guard cutter USCGC Bertholf sailed through the Taiwan Strait Sunday as  top officials from the Trump administration prepare to travel to Beijing reports CNN. "The ships' transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific," said Cdr. Clay Doss. USS Zumwalt arrived in Ketchikan Alaska on Saturday reports the Times of San Diego. Additionally, Reuters reports that two Russian air force planes landed at Venezuela's main airport on Saturday carrying a Russian defense official and nearly 100 troops.
This day in World History
0708 Constantine begins his reign as Catholic Pope.
1634 Lord Baltimore founds the Catholic colony of Maryland.
1655 Puritans jail Governor Stone after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland.
1668 The first horse race in America takes place.
1776 The Continental Congress authorizes a medal for General George Washington.
1807 British Parliament abolishes the slave trade.
1813 The frigate USS Essex flies the first U.S. flag in battle in the Pacific.
1865 Confederate forces capture Fort Stedman, during the siege of Petersburg, Va.
1879 Japan invades the kingdom of Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Islands, formerly a vassal of China.
1905 Rebel battle flags that were captured during the American Civil War are returned to the South.
1911 A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, a sweatshop in New York City, claims the lives of 146 workers.
1915 The first submarine disaster occurs when a U.S. F-4 sinks off the Hawaiian coast.
1919 The Paris Peace Commission adopts a plan to protect nations from the influx of foreign labor.
1931 Fifty people are killed in riots that break out in India. Mahatma Gandhi was one of many people assaulted.
1940 The United States agrees to give Britain and France access to all American warplanes.
1953 The USS Missouri fires on targets at Kojo, North Korea, the last time her guns fire until the Persian Gulf War of 1992.
1954 RCA manufactures its first color TV set and begins mass production.
1957 The European Common Market Treaty is signed in Rome. The goal is to create a common market for all products--especially coal and steel.
1965 Martin Luther King Jr. leads a group of 25,000 to the state capital in Montgomery, Ala.
1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono stage a bed-in for peace in Amsterdam.
1970 The Concorde makes its first supersonic flight.
1975 Hue is lost and Da Nang is endangered by North Vietnamese forces. The United States orders a refugee airlift to remove those in danger.
1981 The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador is damaged when gunmen attack, firing rocket propelled grenades and machine guns.
1986 President Ronald Reagan orders emergency aid for the Honduran army. U.S. helicopters take Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border.
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March 24, 2019
 Bear Taylor

GOOD MORNING. It's Monday, 25 March 2019. Humble Host remembers the Vietnam War fought 50 years ago and the thirteen days of "Weeks Seven and Eight" of COMMANDO HUNT I… 24 DECEMBER 1968 through 5 JANUARY 1969…
THE WAR: (24 Dec) ALLIES ACCUSE FOE OF TWO ATTACKS VIOLATING TRUCE–Outposts Are Shelled After Start of 3-Day Cease Fire Declared By Vietcong… (25 Dec) VIOLATIONS MAR TRUCE IN VIETNAM–80 Incidents Are Reported–22 Enemy Soldiers And An American Are Killed… (26 Dec) U.S. OFFICERS MEET VIETCONG AIDES ON POW RELEASE–No Indication of Time Three G.I.'s Would Be Freed–Truce Violations Listed… (27 Dec) G.I. KILLED IN ACTION FOR WEEK IS 161–Lowest Since 16 November–Drop Reflects Lower Level of Contact With Foe After Some Heavier Fighting… (28 Dec) ALLIES AND ENEMY IN MANY CLASHES–But U.S. Allies And Enemy In Many Clashes… (29 Dec) VIETCONG PROPOSE A NEW POW TALK–N.L.F. Radio Asks For A Meeting 1 January On 3 G.I.'s Release… U.S. ABANDONS ARTILLERY BASE NEAR DMZ–Shift Of Tactics… (30 Dec) FOE'S 3-DAY TRUCE REPORTED BEGUN–But Allies Say They Will Ignore Vietcong Cease-Fire… (31 Dec) VIETCONG ASK NEW MEETING ON POW RELEASE… PATHET LAO COMPLAINS U.S. INTENSIFYING IT'S BOMBING IN LAOS… "The Hanoi radio broadcast a complaint from the Pathet Lao today that United States planes were dropping four or five times as many bombs on Communist-held territory in eastern Laos as they did before the bombing of North Vietnam halted Nov. 1. It is through eastern Laos that North Vietnam runs troops and supplies south via the so-called Ho Chi Minh trail. The Pathet Lao message directed to the International Control Commission, said American fliers launched 15,502 sorties and dropped at least 67,780 bombs on Pathet Lao territory in November. A sortie is a combat flight by a single plane."… (1 Jan) VIETCONG RELEASE THREE AMERICANS–G.I.'s Freed At Second Meeting In Field–Major Held Five Years Returns… (2 Jan) THREE G.I.'S RELEASED BY VIETCONG GET HAMBURGERS AND ICE CREAM… ALLIED CAMPS SHELLED AS TRUCE ENDS… (3 Jan) 12 CIVILIANS DEAD IN VIETNAM BLAST–16 Wounded As Enemy Mine Explodes Under Truck... (3 Jan) 1968 THE MOST COSTLY YEAR IN AMERICAN LIVES… "In terms of lives, 1968 was the most costly year of the war for both American and South Vietnamese troops. However, the margin of South Vietnamese over American deaths was smaller last year than ever before and it seemed to show, if anything, that the United States had borne a greater share of the war's burden. Unofficial totals for 1968…show that 14,521 Americans died in battle compared with 15,436 South Vietnmese–a difference of fewer than a thousand. Nearly half of the 30,543 Americans who have lost their lives in Vietnam since 1961 were killed last year. There are now about 535,000 American military men in South Vietnam and the Saigon Government has about a million men under arms. The United States troop commitment has more or less stabilized, but the South Vietnamese armed forces continue to grow under President Nguyen Van Thieu's total mobilization act… (4 Jan) SOUTH VIETNAMESE TIGHTENING SECURITY IN CITIES…More Enemy Caches Found… (5 Jan) AMBUSH OF FOE'S SUPPLY CONVOY REPORTED BY SOUTH VIETNAM… MARINE CHIEF IS DOUBTFUL OF TROOP WITHDRAWAL SOON "General Leonard F. Chapman Jr., Commandant of the Marine Corps, said today that it was too early to start pulling substantial numbers of troops out of Vietnam. However, he said, 'such a move could begin in a matter of a year at the rate we are going.'….."
THE PEACE TALKS: (25 Dec) SAIGON AND THE N.L.F.–Ky Urges His Government A Bit Closer to Political Contacts With Vietcong… "In the last two days Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky has edged the South Vietnamese Government closer toward dealing politically with its battlefield enemy, the National Liberation Front."… (27 Dec) ENEMY INSISTS ON A ROUND TABLE…Hanoi And NLF Say Plan Must Be Accepted If U.S. Wants An 'Honorable Peace'… (28 Dec) JOHNSON HOPEFUL ON VIETNAM TALKS–Gives Views At News Parley–Vance Back In Paris, Also Voices Optimism… MANY ON KY STAFF AT TALKS IN PARIS OUSTED BY GOVERNMENT IN SAIGON… (29 Dec) VANCE AND SAIGON AIDE CONFER IN PARIS… (30 Dec) ENEMY NEGOTIATORS IN PARIS REPORTED CONFERRING–Consultation Said To Follow Vance's Hint That Next Move Is Up To Them… (31 Dec) VANCE AND LAM DROP STRATEGY SESSION… (1 Jan) PARIS DEADLOCK CONTINUES… (2 Jan) TWO SIDES IN PARIS MAINTAIN CONTACT–U.S. And North Vietnam Are Expected To End The Long Delay In The Talks Soon…(3 Jan) U.S. OFFERS PLANS TO END DEADLOCK IN VVIETNAM TALKS–Vance Meets 4-Hours With Hanoi Aide In Paris Progress Is Reported… (4 Jan) HOPE IS GROWING IN PARIS FOR WIDENED TALKS SOON… (5 Jan) VIETNAM ALLIES DISCUSS IMPASSE–U.S. And Saigon Aides Again Study Table And Chairs… "United States and South Vietnamese officials conferred today on ways to break through the flimsy 'baize barrier' that still separates the allies from the enemy in the dispute over the shape of the conference table. Even the positioning of chairs in broadened Vietnam talks is now being considered in the search for a procedural agreement, which seems close at hand…'"…
OTHER NYT NEWS DURING THE 1968-69 HOLIDAY SEASON: (24 Dec) APOLLO NEARS MOON ON COURSE–Turns Around To Go Into Orbit–Crew Sends Pictures Of Earth–Astronauts Well–Their Craft Reported Ready for Planned 10 Circumlunar Trips…"Apollo 8 was closing in early today for man's first voyage around the moon. The craft is scheduled to start its moon orbit at 5:01 this morning, EST. At 2:51 A.M the spacecraft was turned around with the rocket facing the moon. This put the craft in position to be ready to fire the rocket in the crucial slowing maneuver that will enable the Apollo 8 to go into moon orbit."… ADMIRAL HAILS PUEBLO MEN–They Return To The United States Today–Bucher, Skipper Hailed As Hero–A Routine Court Of Inquiry Into Circumstances Of Seizure Will Be Held… (25 Dec) 3 MEN FLY AROUND THE MOON ONLY 70 MILES FROM SURFACE–Fire Rocket and Head For Earth–Astronauts Examine Vast, Lonely Place–Read From Genesis (many pix of moon, Borman, Anders and Lovell)…oohrah… PUEBLO CREWMEN GREETED ON COAST–Captors Assailed–Relatives Weep And Scream–Captain Asserts North Koreans Are Inhuman… (26 Dec) ASTRONAUTS COMING HOME–Pacific Landing Tomorrow… PUEBLO MEN FACE SENSITIVE INQUIRY–Crew's Behavior In Capture and Captivity May Raise Many Critical Points... U.S. IS ACCUSED OF SOUTH YEMEN–President Says Conspiracy Operates Through Saudis… BITTER COLD MARKS CHRISTMAS ACROSS NATION… IN CHRISTMAS MESSAGE POPE SAYS FAITH CAN END MANKIND'S ILLS… "Pope Paul VI, in a Christmas message today, diagnosed for the second time in a week the ills of humanity and prescribed a renewal of devotion to Christian values as the cure. "Who among us does not feel the inexorablke voraciousness of time? Who does not see that every human progress is insuffiecient to itself, bearing within it, by reason of its very development, the sentence of its own fall? Who does not observe especially today that every manifestation of life the target for its own pitiless and, in a way logical contestation. Who among us does not bear deep in his heart the wound of mistrust; lack of confidence in himself, weak and sinful as he is; mistrust in others, in society, in civilization, in the world?…We must be born again, we must start over again today, recommence today."… 27 SURVIVE AIRLINE CRASH IN PENNSYLVANIA–Pilot And Co-Pilot Killed in Alleghany Flight… (28 Dec) WORLD'S LEADERS HAIL APOLLO FEAT–"You Have Made Us Proud" Johnson tells The Crew…Lindsay Plans a Parade…Flight Director Envisages 3 Moon Landings In 1969… 3-MEGATON BLAST SET OFF BY CHINA, U.S. AGENCY SAYS–Explosion Believed to Be Thrermonuclear, Marks The Resumption of Testing Red Chinese… 30 DEAD AT O'HARE AIRPORT–Airliner Bursts Into Flames After Ramming Hangar… U.S. WILL START DELIVERING F-4 PHANTOMS TO ISRAEL IN 1969 … (29 Dec) NIXON MEETS TOP AIDES AND ORDERS VIETNAM STUDY… U.S. PROTESTS RAID IN STRONG TERMS–Timing Of Israeli Attack After Phantom Jet Deal Embarrasses Officials… SOVIET TAKING BACK SEAT–Conceals Aims Of Space Race… CHINA CALLS H-BOMB TEST MAOIST VICTORY–Confirms Nuclear Explosion–stresses Self-Defense… NEW TYPE OF FIELD SEEN FOR PROS–Artificial Turf Could Solve Cold Weather Problems… (30 Dec) U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL HEARS ISRAELIS ASSAILED BY U.S. AND SOVIET–Attack Is No Way To Peace As Session Is Called On Israeli Beirut Raid–Russia Asks Sanctions–Lebanese Denounces Action At Airport As Flagrant And Press For Damages…JOHNSON AIDE SAYS ISRAEL DISRUPTS EFFORT FOR PEACE–President Reported To Term Beirut Raid Serious and Unwise–No Change Seen In Plan For Sale of F-4 Jets in 1969… LEBANON BITTER ON RAID… (31 Dec) ISRAELI'S COMBAT AN EXPECTED VOTE OF CENSURE IN U.N.–Defend Attack–U.N. Resolution Denoumces The Raid And Finds Lebanon Entitled to Compensation For Damages… SOVIET BID TO U.S. FOR MOVE ON MIDDLE EAST DISCLOSED… COLTS 17 POINT FAVORITE OVER JETS IN SUPERBOWL #3(1 Jan) ISRAELI ATTACK CENSURED BY U.N. … RUSSIAN SUPERSONIC AIRLINER GETS TEST FLIGHT AHEAD OF CONCORDE…  (2 Jan) FOREIGN AID STUDY FOR NIXON ADVISES SWEEPING CHANGE–It Stresses Technical Help and Greater Concentrations Among Fewer Nations… (3 Jan) PHOTOS OF SCORPION DISCOUNT AN ATTACK BY SOVIETS… CONGRESS BEGINS NEW TERM TODAY–Democrats Split–Party Differs On How To Confront G.O.P. Administration–McCormack Keeps Post–Defeats Challenge By Udall 178-56–House Liberals Disappointed… (4 Jan) RUSK URGES ARABS AND ISRAELIS HALT CYCLE OF VIOLENCE–Asks Restraint Of Terrorism and Warns That Excessive Retaliation Hurts peace… KOSYGIN IN INTERVIEW STRESSES PERIL IN MIDEAST–New Year Comments, Stress Urgency–Also Cites Vietnam And Arms Race as Urgent Problems… (5 Jan) CZECHS CAUTIONED TO END PROTESTS OR RISK TRAGEDY–Presidium Hints Dissension Over Curbs Could Lead To New Action By the Soviet–Extremists Assailed… THAIS AND U.S. PONDER FATE OF BASES…
OPERATION COMMANDO HUNT I… The following was clipped from the CIA's PRESIDENT's DAILY BRIEFING for 29 November 1968: "Special Daily Report on North Vietnam for the President's Eyes Only…Notes on the Situation"…
"Logistial Development Since the Bombing Halt: The North Vietnamese have been quick to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the bombing halt… (Major redaction of PDB at this point–STILL CLASSIFIED AFTER 50 YEARS+)… As yet there is no firm evidence that the North Vietnamese are undertaking major logistical resupply effort in Laos that would jeopardize allied forces in the I or II Corps areas. More evidence is needed before the significance of the resupply effort north of the Demilitarized Zone can be fully evaluated. (Major redaction of PBD) … Large North Vietnamese coastal ships of up to 2,500 tons have been observed in southern waters for the first time since the bombing began in 1965. By using such coasters, the North Vietnamese are employing the most direct and effective method of moving large amounts of material from Haiphong to the southern Panhandle. Communications indicate that North Vietnamese coastal tracking stations since 1 November have tracked an average of 90 'supply vessels' a day south of the 20th Parallel, compared with about ten a day before the bombing halt…
"Status of US Airmen Downed in North Vietnam: The North Vietnamese captured two U.S. pilots from the two aircraft shot down last Monday and a third airman was found dead, according to intercepted messages. In a conversation on 26 November, one speaker said that a US 'spy' plane had been shot down by a missile; one of the pilots had been picked up and the other had died. The speaker also said that another aircraft had been shot down and the pilot had been picked up. The speakers discussed bringing the prisoners back to Hanoi, perhaps in an AN-2 transport. Other intercepts showed an AN-21 making a trip down to Vinh on 26 November, possibly in connection with the prisoners….(On 25 Nov the Navy lost an RA-5C: COMMANDER E.A. STAMM was taken prisoner and died in captivity. His Navigator, LTJG R.C. THUM was killed. On 23 November the Air Force lost an RF-4D. The pilot, CAPTAIN B.G. CUTHBERT, was killed and the Navigator, CAPTAIN M. J. RUHLING was captured)… (Humble Host notes: COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE was a critical source of intelligence during the war. In 1970 more than 8,500 personnel manned about 30 stations in South Vietnam and numerous detachments dedicated to gathering/intercepting enemy communications. The product was Top Secret and Sensitive and handled in extremely secure facilities. Humble Host will be searching for pertinent declassified SIGINT and COMINT materials to include in these weekly COMMANDO HUNT posts.)…
"Arm Paper on 'Acts of War': Hanoi's army daily on 28 November denounced the US for continuing its 'encroachments on the soverignty and security' of North Vietnam. The article singled out alleged US rocketing and bombing of areas in the North after two aircraft were shot down on 25 November. It details the 'dark schemes' of the US by pointing to continued reconnaissance 'over various parts of North Vietnam including Hanoi and Haiphong,' to artillery and naval gunfire against the northern part of the DMZ, and to bombings and strafings in southern North Vietnam on 25 and 26 November. The article concludes by promising that these 'acts of war' will receive 'due punishment.' Like other North Vietnamese statements, it avoids saying these actions will prevent opening of the next stage of talks in Paris."…
AIRCRAFT LOSSES 24 DECEMBER 1968 THROUGH 6 JANUARY 1969… References include: Chris Hobson's VIETNAM: AIR LOSSES… Seven aircraft lost and five aviators killed in action. In addition, the heroic, but fatal, actions of  Air Force Pararescueman, A1C CHARLES DOUGLAS KING…
(1) On Christmas Eve, 24 December an F-4B of the VMFA-314 Black Knights and MAG-13 out of Chu Lai, piloted by CAPTAIN ROBERT DUANE KENT, USMC, and his RIO 1LT RICHARD GIRARD MORIN, USMC, were lost on a night COMMANDO HUNT strike mission in southern Laos. The aircraft was hit by enemy ground fire while bombing a seven truck convoy 30 miles southwest of Khe Sanh and perished in the night. There was no indication of an ejection, no voice communication, no beeper and no emergency radio transmission. Gone. Subsequent searches failed to find a crash site. Fifty years later, CAPTAIN KENT and 1LT MORIN remain where they fell on the battlefield in Southeast Asia. They are "presumed dead." They are memorialized with markers in Arlington National Cmemtery… THEY WERE LEFT BEHIND… The search goes on…
(2) On 24 December an F-105D of the 354th TFS and 355th TFW out of Takhli, Piloted by MAJOR CHARLES RICHARD BROWNLEE on a COMMANDO HUNT strike in southern Laos was executing attacks on a truck convoy near the Ban Kari Pass when hit by enemy ground fire. MAJOR BROWNLEE was able to maneuver his striken Thunderchief a few miles from the concentration of enemy troops before ejecting. He was able to contact his wingman on his survival radio as the sun was going down and a rescue attempt was set up for first light on Christmas Day. At dawn an HH-3 returned to attempt the rescue of MAJOR BROWNLEE. Pararescueman A1C CHARLES DOUGLAS KING descended 100-feet into the jungle, where he found MAJOR BROWNLEE hanging in his parachute suspended from a maze of tree branches. A1C KING freed the downed aviator and attached him to the penetrator. Unfortunately, enemy troops came on the scene with guns blazing. A1C KING radioed that he had been hit and called for the hovering helicopter to retract the rescue penetrator. The cable hung up in the trees and snapped, dropping MAJOR BROWNLEE back into the jungle. The helo was hit in the cockpit and a fuel tank and forced to retire. A two day search by a ground force (Bright Light?) failed to find the two Air Force warriors. They were listed as missing in action. In 1986 a Laotian refugee arrived in the United States who claimed to have witnessed the capture and removal from the area of A1C KING. His identification papers were seen on display in Hanoi's Central Army Museum, but his fate remains unknown. During the period that they were listed as MIA both were promoted, MAJOR BROWNLEE to COLONEL,  and A1C KING to CHIEF MASTER SARGEANT. COLONEL BROWNLEE is memorialized with a stone monument in the Santa Fe National Cemetery.
A1C KING was awarded the AIR FORCE CROSS (Posthumously) (See RIPPLE SALVO below). Over the years his memory and valor have been recognized in many ways. A dormitory at Andrews Air Force Base carries his name–King Manor. At Scott Air Force Base, First Street was renamed KING STREET. On 27 February 1990, another dormitory–KING MANOR at March Air Force Base– was named in his honor, and on 15 Novembrer 1996 a building was dedicated in his honor at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. In October 2012 U.S. Bypass 61 in Muscatine, Iowa, was renamed "DOUGLAS KING MEMORIAL EXPRESSWAY"… He is also memorialized in Hawaii at Honolulu Memorial Cemetery with thousands of others still missing in Southeast Asia and lost, or buried, at sea in the Pacific theater during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. "Their remains have never been recovered, but their sacrifices have not been forgotten."…
(3) On 26 December an F-100D Super Sabre of the 416th TFS and 37th TFW out of Phu Cat piloted by CAPTAIN N.H. DUNCAN had completed a COMMANDO HUNT strike in southern Laos and was returning to Phu Cat when hit by small arms fire over Laos. He continued toward Phu Cat but was forced to eject from the faltering aircraft three miles from the runway. He was rescued to fly and fight again.
(4) On 29 December an F-100C of the 120th TFS and 35th TFW out of Phan Rang was the last fixed wing aircraft lost by the United States in Southeast Asia in 1968. It was piloted by CAPTAIN J.E. O'NEILL and was shot down by ground fire while executing multiple close air support attacks in southwest South Vietnam. CAPTAIN O'NEILL was forced to eject and was rescued by an Army helicopter…
(5) On 3 January 1969 an A-4C of the VA-216 Black Diamonds embarked in USS CORAL SEA piloted by LTJG R.M. AARON was lost in a COMMANDO HUNT shootout with a 37mm gun site in southern Laos. He was hit delivering his string of MK-82s on the gunsite but was able to keep his Skyhawk flying, including two restarts of a vibrating engine, until he was over the sea east of Chu Lai, where he ejected to be rescued by a Marine helo crew. This was the only Navy aircraft lost in Southeast Asia in January 1969…
(6) and (7) On 4 January two F-100C's of the 188th TFS (New Mexico ANG) and 31st TFW out of Tuy Hoa piloted by MAJOR BOBBY GENE NEELD and CAPTAIN MITCHELL SIM LANE disappeared over South Vietnam after completing a successful attack mission. Bad weather at Tuy Hoa forced the pair to divert to Cam Ranh Bay. They requested a VFR approach to Cam Ranh Bay but never showed up. There were no further voice transmissions, beepers heard or parachutes seen. A lengthy search failed to find a crash site for what was deemed to have been a mid-air collision between the two squadronmates. Fifty years later MAJOR NEELD and CAPTAIN LANE remain where they fell in South Vietnam… Their courageous service and sacrifice is remembered here on the fiftieth anniversary of their deaths…
RIPPLE SALVO… During the Vietnam war the Air Force awarded nineteen (19) AIR FORCE CROSS medals, ten (10) were awarded to PARARESCUEMEN, none more courageous than A1C CHARLES DOUGLAS KING… He was among the bravest of the brave. On Christmas Day, 1968 he was a Pararescueman on "Jolly Green 17" out of Nakhon Phanom and did not hesitate to lay his life on the line for F-105 Thunderchief warrior MAJOR CHARLES RICHARD BROWNLEE (See above). The rescue was interrupted by enemy troops and gunfire and both MAJOR BROWNLEE and A1C KING were left seriously wounded on the ground in Laos. Their fate remains unknown. Where they rest in peace, God only knows.
Humble Host takes this opportunity to express highest respect and admiration for the PARARESCUEMEN who never wavered from their most hazardous duty to rescue downed aviators in Southeast Asia. Herewith, the Citation for the AIR FORCE CROSS awarded to A1C KING, one of ten Vietnam war era Pararescuemen so honored …
"The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the AIR FORCE CROSS (Posthumously) to AIRMAN FIRST CLASS CHARLES DOUGLAS KING, United States Air Force, for EXTRAORDINARY HEROISM in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force as a Pararescueman in an HH-3E Rescue Helicopter of Detachment 1, 40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, 3rd Air Rescue and Recovery Group, Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, in action near Ban Lathama, Mahaxia District, Khammlouan Province, Laos, on 25 December 1968. On that date, AIRMAN KING was aboard a helicopter engaged in the rescue of a downed United States Air Force pilot from an extremely hostile area. With complete disregard for his own safety, AIRMAN KING voluntarily descended on a rescue hoist more than one hundred feet to the ground to aid the injured pilot. Once on the groud, he carried the rescue device to the pilot, freed him from the parachute, secured him to the rescue device, and then used the cable device to drag the pilot to a point near the hovering helicopter. Suddenly, enemy soldiers closed in and directed automatic weapons fire at AIRMAN KING, the injured pilot, and the hovering helicopter. Though wounded, AIRMAN KING, in an extraordinary display of courage and valor, placed his comrades lives above his own by refusing to continue their exposure to the murderous enemy fire. Without taking time to secure himself to the hoist cable, he radioed that he was hit and for the helicopter to pull away. AIRMAN KING made this selfless decision with the full realization that once the helicopter departed, he would be alone, wounded, and surrounded by armed, hostile forces. Through his professional dedication aggressiveness, and extraordinary heroism, AIRMAN KING reflected the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force." …. Oohrah…
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23 Mar 2019 1050
Thanks to Glenn Sxxxxxxx for providing the attached CNO NAVADMIN on National Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Day – Annually, on March 29th
The U.S. Navy performed a wide array of missions during the Vietnam War. In the air, the Navy was a key partner with the U.S. Air Force during the Rolling Thunder and Linebacker air campaigns against North Vietnam, and in other air operations in Laos and Cambodia. On the coast, it developed a highly effective blockade to prevent the resupply of enemy forces by sea, engaged in naval gunfire support missions against enemy targets in the littoral areas of Vietnam, and provided amphibious transport for Marines operating in I Corps. On the rivers, Navy task forces protected commercial traffic, assisted allied ground forces in pacifying these areas, and interdicted enemy troops and supplies moving on these inland waterways. The U.S. Navy also supported the war effort with a massive sea and riverine logistics operation, built and managed shore facilities throughout South Vietnam, and provided extensive medical support for the allied military operation. A total of 1.8 million Sailors served in Southeast Asia. The Navy provided the allied effort with many unique capabilities, the most significant being the projection of U.S. combat power ashore and control of the seas to support a land war in Asia far from the United States. Overall, the Navy suffered the loss of 1,631 men killed and 4,178 wounded during the course of the war.
To ensure the sacrifices of the 9 million who served during this difficult chapter of our country's history are remembered for generations to come, President Donald Trump signed into law the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017, designating March 29 of each year as National Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day.  On March 29 we honor all those who answered our Nation's call to duty in Vietnam.  With conviction, our Nation pledges our enduring respect, our continuing care, and our everlasting commitment to all Vietnam Veterans.
Thanks to Mud. A few years ago we had a nest on our patio and were able to watch the whole evolution of the two eggs from start to fly away. We actually fenced the section off so they would not be disturbed.
    I found this to be particularly interesting and educational.
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Double Tree
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No indication of why the two mid-level supervisors thought they could get away with it. No indication of why their subordinates Followed Orders: somebody went to considerable effort to produce that professional-quality Go Away sign. What were the terminated employees' superiors doing? And the apology does not seem to appear on the company's FB page. Gotta wonder about DT's corporate culture.

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New Memorial at Air Force Academy Will Honor Air Warriors
Mali—Military Shakeup After Attack Kills 134 Villagers Agence France-Presse | 03/25/2019 Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has dismissed several military leaders after a deadly attack that killed more than 130, reports Agence France-Presse.  On Saturday, militants raided the towns of Ogossagou and Welingara in central Mali, killing at least 136 villagers and injuring 55.  Villagers were shot and hacked to death with machetes. Witnesses said almost all of the huts in the village were burned to the ground.  The towns were inhabited by members of the Fulani community, a predominately Muslim group of herders. Some have accused the Fulani of supporting terrorist groups. An ethnic Fulani militia joined an Al-Qaida affiliate in 2017.  The U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) provided air support to prevent further attacks and evacuate the wounded, said a spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.  Armed members of an ethnic Dogon group called the Dan Na Ambassagou were blamed for the attack. The group has the backing the Malian army, in the eyes of many Malians.  The Fulani and Dogen have been clashing over land disputes and access to water in addition to jihadist influences.  In response to the attack, President Keita said on Sunday that he had replaced 11 military commanders. These included chief of staff Gen. M'Bemba Moussa Keita as well as the heads of the air and land forces, said ministry sources.  Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga announced the dissolution of the Dan Nan Ambassagou. Armed members would have to hand over their weapons, he said. The brutal assault came less than one week after an Al-Qaida attack in the region killed 23 soldiers.  Armed attacks by jihadists and inter-communal conflict has been on the rise in the region. Terrorist groups have exploited local grievances between farmers, hunters and herders to recruit, said analysts.  
Syria—U.S.-Backed Forces Declare Victory Against ISIS  Al Jazeera | 03/25/2019 U.S.-backed fighters in Syria have declared victory in the fight against ISIS in eastern Syria, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).  "Baghouz is free and the military victory against [ISIS] has been achieved," a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces said on Saturday.  Baghouz was the final piece of territory held by ISIS from its self-declared caliphate, which stretched from western Syrian to outside of Baghdad, Iraq, at its height.  Dozens of ISIS fighters continued to emerge from the camp's tunnels and tents to surrender on Sunday, reported Agence France-Presse.  SDF fighters continued to patrol the camp, looking for remaining fighters and explosive devices.  In a statement, the SDF said that it lost 11,000 forces, leaders and fighters in the fight against the Sunni terrorist group, reported CNN. The Kurdish-led force pledged to continue to fight any remaining ISIS sleeper cells. The final push against ISIS began in February. A Pentagon report issued last month warned that the terrorist group still has as many as 20,000 supporters, fighters and sleeper cells across the region and could regain operational capacity in six to 12 months.    
Israel—7 Injured In Gaza Rocket Attack Jerusalem Post | 03/25/2019 Seven people have been wounded after a rocket struck a home in central Israel, reports the Jerusalem Post.  On Monday, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a home in Mishmeret, about 75 miles (120 km) away from the suspected launch site in the southern Gaza Strip.  Hamas officials said the long-range J-80 rocket was accidentally launched. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) deployed two infantry and armored brigades to the military region adjacent to Gaza and began a limited call up for reservists in the intelligence and defense corps, reported Haaretz (Israel).  Hamas reportedly evacuated its coastal positions in anticipation of a retaliatory strike. Three crossings into Israel were also closed.  The IDF said it was investigating why the Iron Dome missile system had not been activated, reported the Times of Israel. The army later said the system was not activated because rocket fire toward central Israel was not expected. This is the third rocket to strike deep in Israeli territory in the last two weeks. Another attack was also characterized as a mistaken launch.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was visiting the U.S. amid an increasingly contentious re-election campaign, said he would cut short his visit to coordinate the Israeli response.    
USA—Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant Helicopter Finally Makes Debut Flight Defense News | 03/25/2019 After more than a year of delays, Sikorsky-Boeing's coaxial helicopter demonstrator for the U.S. Army's Joint Multi-Role program has made its maiden flight, reports Defense News. The SB>1 Defiant made its first flight on March 21 in West Palm Beach, Fla. The flight lasted more than 30 minutes, with the aircraft performing low-speed maneuvers, the test-flight team told the newspaper. A short video of the flight showed the Defiant flying without its rear propeller engaged, moving slowly forward, rotating around its center axis and hovering, noted Flight Global. Officials were "very pleased" with an initial analysis of the test flight and is planning additional trials in the near future, the team said. The maiden flight, which was planned to take place before the end of 2018, was delayed due to manufacturing problems with the aircraft's rotor blades. The team required 15 hours of flawless test results in ground runs before beginning flight testing. Bell's V-280 Valor, the other participant in the JMR demonstration, conducted its first flight in December 2017. The aircraft left Bell's test center in Amarillo, Texas, in the fall of 2018, flying more than 360 miles (580 km) to the company's facility in Arlington where it has been conducting more advanced flight testing. The JMR project is designed to help the Army finalize its requirements for a medium-lift Future Vertical Lift aircraft. The service aims to procure two FVL aircraft – a long-range assault and an attack reconnaissance aircraft – in succession as part of a major modernization push. The program will likely conclude once the Boeing-Sikorsky team wraps up testing of the Defiant in about a year.    
USA—Coast Guard Needs More Funding For Maintenance, Support To Ensure Readiness, Commandant Says Military.Com | 03/25/2019 Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz says that the service requires additional funding to ensure operational readiness, reports The service needs a 5 percent annual increase in operating and support funding to maintain the current fleet, train and equip troops and build modern infrastructure for new vessels, Schultz said during the 2019 State of the Coast Guard address in Los Angeles on March 21. The Coast Guard operations and support budget has remained stagnant for the past eight years, resulting in a $1.7 billion backlog of deferred maintenance, outdated information technology and a "strained and undersized workforce," Schultz said. The unchanging topline eroded the service's purchasing power by nearly 10 percent, reported USNI News. The Dept. of Homeland Security has requested $11.3 billion for the Coast Guard for fiscal 2020, an increase of 7 percent from the previous year.  The request includes funding for the ScanEagle unmanned aerial system; several offshore patrol cutters; a second icebreaker; and fast response cutters.   
USA—Treasury Sanctions Organizations Tied To Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program U.S. Treasury Dept. | 03/25/2019 The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on individuals and entities that played a central role in Iranian efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon, reports the Treasury Dept.  On Friday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated 14 individuals and 17 entities connected to the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND), which has supported sanctioned Iranian defense agencies and whose leaders played a vital role in Tehran's nuclear weapon efforts, the department said.  Among them are the Shahid Karimi group, which conducted missiles and explosives tests for the program, and four associated members.  The measures are designed to discourage regional groups from associating with any former members of the SPND, an administration official told Reuters.  Increasing pressure is also intended to push Iran to a more comprehensive deal than the multinational JCPOA, from which the Trump administration withdrew in May 2018.  
Norway—Leguan Bridge-Laying Systems Purchased From Germany Krauss-Maffei Wegmann | 03/25/2019 German defense firm Krauss-Maffei Wegmann says it has received an order for Leguan bridge-laying systems for the Norwegian army. The Norwegian Defence Material Agency signed an agreement on March 21 for six Leguan bridge-layer systems to be integrated with the Leopard 2 tank chassis, said a company release on Friday. The contract, the value of which was not disclosed, also includes training simulators and a peripheral package, the release said. The Leguan bridge-laying system can deploy one 85-foot (26-m) or two 46-foot (14-m) bridges with a load rating of about 70 metric tons in approximately five minutes, noted Defense World. Norway has been using the Leguan system on Leopard 1 tank chassis, said KMW.  Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022.   
United Kingdom—US$2 Billion Deal Inked For E-7 Early Warning Aircraft U.K. Ministry Of Defense | 03/25/2019 British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has signed a deal to purchase new airborne early warning aircraft, reports the U.K. Ministry of Defense. The 1.5 billion pound (US$1.98 billion) contract covers five E-7 Wedgetail airborne early warning aircraft, which will replace the air force's aging fleet of E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system surveillance aircraft, said a ministry release on Friday. The aircraft, based on the Boeing 737 NG airliner, will be modified to carry an advanced active electronically-scanned radar. Modification work will be performed by Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in Cambridge, the release said. The base aircraft is the same as that of the air force's future fleet of nine P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, noted Flight Global. The E-7 Wedgetail can track multiple airborne and maritime targets simultaneously, using the information it gathers to provide situational awareness and direct other assets such as fighter jets and warships. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in 2023, said ministry sources cited by Defense News.   
Netherlands—Order Placed For Reaper Drones U.S. Department Of Defense | 03/25/2019 The U.S. Air Force has awarded General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Poway, Calif., a Foreign Military Sales contract for unmanned aerial vehicles for the Netherlands, reports the Dept. of Defense. The US$123 million deal covers four MQ-9 Block 5 air vehicles, four mobile ground-control stations, spare parts and support equipment, said a Pentagon release on March 21. The Dutch UAVs will equip the 306 Squadron at Leeuwarden Air Base in the northern Friesland province, noted the Defense Post. The unit is expected to be operational in 2020. Dutch crews consisting of pilots and sensor operators began training at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., in December and flew the aircraft for the first time in January. The crews are expected to graduate from the training course in May. Work under the contract is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2020.   
Venezuela—Russian Aircraft Deliver Cargo, Advisers To Caracas Sputnik | 03/25/2019 Two Russian air force planes have landed in Venezuela carrying about 100 troops and military advisers and 35 tons of cargo, reports Russia's Sputnik news agency.  The passenger jet and An-124 transport arrived on Saturday to fulfill previously-signed military contracts and consult with Venezuelan officials on defense industry cooperation, said the Kremlin-backed news source.  A Venezuelan journalist cited by Reuters said that Vasily Tonkoshkurov, chief of staff of the ground forces, and another 100 Russian troops were seen getting off the Il-62 passenger jet in Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas.  The An-124 left Venezuela on Sunday, according to a flight tracking website.  Moscow is among the countries that have maintained its support for President Nicolas Maduro as Brazil, Colombia and the U.S. have pushed for recognition of interim president Juan Guaido.    
Somalia—Deputy Minister Among 15 Killed In Al-Shabaab Assault In Mogadishu  Reuters | 03/25/2019 At least 15 people, including the Somali deputy labor minister, have been killed and nearly two dozen wounded in a sophisticated militant attack in Mogadishu, reports Reuters.  On Saturday, the militant group detonated two cars bomb outside of a compound housing the labor and public works ministries, destroying the front gates, reported Garowe Online (Somalia).  Gunmen then entered the complex and opened fire.  Police responded, killing all four attackers. Assistant Labor Minister Saqar Ibrahim Abdala was among the civil servants killed in the assault, said police.  The Al-Qaida-affiliated Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. The Somali terror outfit has launched increasingly elaborate attacks, including one earlier this month that killed 30 in an hours-long standoff with police.  The militant group also claimed a separate assault on a security checkpoint. That attack killed three soldiers and injured a lawmaker and three of his bodyguards.    
Kazakhstan—Border Service Orders C-295 Transport Airbus Defence and Space | 03/25/2019 The Kazakh border service has placed an order for a C-295 medium transport aircraft, reports Airbus Defence & Space, which builds the plane. The deal, the value of which was not made public, also includes training, spare parts and ground support equipment, said a company release on March 21. Kazakhstan previously ordered eight C-295s for its air force. The newest C-295 will be used for border control and homeland security missions, the release said.    
India—Washington Assured Indian Officials That It Could Render Pakistan's AMRAAM Missiles, F-16 Fighters Ineffective In A Crisis Economic Times | 03/25/2019 The U.S. government assured India that it could make Pakistani F-16 fighters and Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) ineffective if they were misused, reports the Economic Times (India). Then-Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made the pledge in 2015 during discussions with his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar regarding the potential sale of eight advanced F-16s to Pakistan. Parrikar expressed concern that the aircraft could be used to attack India, including with nuclear bombs. Carter emphasized that the U.S. had a strong end-user monitoring process and could deactivate the systems if they were used for offensive purposes, the sources said. The report comes a month after the Pakistani air force launched AMRAAMs targeting at least five Indian fighter jets over Nowshera in India-administered Kashmir during increased tensions. The clash came a day after Indian fighters had bombed an alleged terrorist training camp in Pakistani territory. An Indian MiG-21 aircraft was shot down in the encounter. India has since raised the issue with U.S. officials, said the sources.   
India—Air Force Commissions 4 Chinooks In Boost To Heavy-Lift Capabilities  The Print | 03/25/2019 The Indian air force has commissioned new heavy-lift helicopters into service, reports the Print (India).  On Monday, four CH-47F Chinook helicopters entered service with the 126th Helicopter Unit in a ceremony at Chandigarh air station.  The helicopters will increase the military's airlift capabilities, particularly in rugged border areas, and support disaster response operations, said Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa. The deployment of the helicopters in the northern region near China and Kashmir will boost maneuverability and response time in the strategic and mountainous region, said analysts.  India purchased 15 CH-47Fs from Boeing in 2015 for US$1.5 billion, noted NDTV.  Deliveries are expected to conclude in 2023, noted Live Mint (India).     
South Korea—Seoul Opens Naval Helicopter Competition To Government-To-Government Offers Yonhap | 03/25/2019 The South Korean government has widened the bidding process in the competition for its naval helicopter program, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).  The competition to provide the navy with 12 helicopters has been expanded to include both commercial bids and government-to-government foreign military sales, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said on Monday.  Seoul initially pursued a solely commercial bidding process for the US$881 million deal, which attracted a lone bid from Leonardo for its AW159 Wildcat.  Opening the process to foreign military sales will allow Lockheed Martin to offer its MH-60R/S helicopter.  The move is intended to enhance the bargaining power of the South Korean government, said DAPA.   
Malaysia—Defense Cooperation Agreement Finalized With Laos Bernama | 03/25/2019 The defense ministers of Malaysia and Laos have signed an agreement to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation, reports Bernama, Malaysia's official news agency. On March 21, Malaysian Defense Minister Mohamad Sabu hosted his Laotian counterpart, Gen. Chansamone Chanyalath, in Kuala Lumpur. During the meeting, the ministers signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen defense cooperation, including increased exchanges. Bilateral defense cooperation between the countries is gradually deepening, in part due to their close relationship as members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM), the ministers said.  Working together at the ADMM has enhanced the ability of the two countries to contribute to regional peace and stability, said a joint release. Chanyalath is on a three-day visit to Malaysia, his first since taking office in April 2016.                                                                                               

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