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Exclusive: Steve Baldwin explains plans to transform U.S. 'into a socialist police state'
By Steve Baldwin
March 26, 2019
You don’t have to like Donald Trump to support him in 2020. Nor is it necessary for you to agree with everything he says or tweets. You may even dislike his style, his language and his sometimes-abrasive behavior. But it is imperative for all voters to understand the choice we will have in 19 months and what the ramifications are if Trump loses the election.
If you are a conservative thinking about not voting for Trump due to these petty reasons, well, grow up. We are now at a tipping point in American history in which the defeat of Trump will most likely launch a series of unconstitutional actions and decisions by the left that could very well lead to the destruction of America as we know it.
There are lots of discussions and chit-chat about a coming civil war on both leftist and conservative blogs, websites, news sites, etc., but is that really a possible scenario in our future? Let’s face it, we are already in the midst of a form a civil war today, both politically and culturally. Indeed, America has not been this divided since the Civil War of 1861-1865. But could this “soft” civil war evolve into more of an actual violent civil war? After all, it is clear to conservatives that many of America’s major institutions are under assault by a fanatical leftist movement that seeks to wipe out our Western and largely Christian heritage and replace it with an atheist, socialist utopia where supposed “equality” will be forced upon everyone and government will be the provider of all goods and services.
We’ve seen this movie before many times – the USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, most of Africa, etc. Indeed, these countries were and are nightmare regimes that destroyed individual rights, religious freedom, the free enterprise system and free will. There’s no doubt that once socialism takes root, the accumulation of governmental power eventually leads to an Orwellian police state that controls all aspects of one’s life. Yes, there have been a few socialist countries the left points to that have not evolved into police states –the Scandinavian countries – but over the last decade those countries dropped their experiment with socialism and have since become, by some accounts, more free market-oriented than the U.S. They were fortunate enough to dump socialism before it evolved into a police state.
The reality is that almost all socialist countries evolve into various forms of authoritarianism; just ask anyone who lived in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. But the socialist revolution here in America is already well underway. If one looks at many of our K-12 schools, our universities, the media and even many of our churches, they have been corrupted by the left and have become propaganda organs advocating socialist causes at the expense of their original missions. There is little doubt the push to socialism is escalating here in America.
It is a shame so many millennials are unaware of the tyranny socialism leads to. And that’s what the left is counting on. Very few millennials read anything other than phone texts or social media posts, and even fewer have ever read any of the great anti-socialist books such as “Animal Farm” and “1984” by George Orwell, “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers, “Darkness at Noon” and “The God that Failed” by Arthur Koestler and the “Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. One would think such books would be routinely assigned in our schools since, after all, it was only 29 years ago the USSR was the most serious threat to our freedom our country had ever experienced. Moreover, communism/socialism still exists today in China, North Korea and a few other places.
Let’s pretend for a second that the KKK controlled half of the world’s population from 1917 until 1991, and they horribly repressed all freedoms, created hundreds of concentration camps and murdered 50 million people in pursuit of “utopia.” Do you suppose the schools and media today would be assigning and promoting books, films, documentaries, etc. about the KKK threat that nearly conquered the world? Of course they would have.
But today, the horrors of socialism have been conveniently erased from the public consciousness as the left escalates its efforts to transform America into a socialist police state. Like good little Orwellians, the left does not want anyone to learn from history, so our schools and media erase or downplay the impact communism and socialism had upon human freedom. But ironically, the left promotes the idea that the KKK is a threat to our freedom, even though their numbers are so small they could meet in a phone booth. The idea that this pathetic group could be a threat to our constitution is ridiculous.
But what should be alarming to most Americans is that the left today is pushing a number of ideas that set the groundwork for a police state and increase the likelihood of a civil war. I’m referring to efforts by the left to infringe upon our constitutional rights such as the First Amendment regarding freedom of speech and religion and the Second Amendment, which, of course, protects the right to bear arms.
Religious freedom is already under attack. One may not realize this by following the media, but dozens of Christian legal defense groups are involved with hundreds of lawsuits every day trying to protect this right. Christian students have been punished in schools for wearing a cross or sharing Scriptures with classmates during lunch time; Christmas plays and manger scenes are being banned everywhere; home churches have been declared illegal in some cities; pastors have been told they can’t preach against homosexual behavior; Christian schools are being sued for not hiring homosexual teachers; military pastors are being punished for mentioning Jesus or refusing to marry homosexual couples; high school coaches and athletes have been punished for “taking a knee” before a game. And on and on. Let’s not forgot also the left’s ongoing attack on Christian florists, bakers and others for refusing to create products for homosexual marriages because doing so would violate their religious beliefs.
But the Democrats are escalating this attack on religious freedom. As soon as they took control of the House last January, Speaker Pelosi promised to introduce the “Equality Act,” which will force churches and private Christian schools to admit “transgendered” men into the ladies’ room. Moreover, in just the last few months, we have witnessed Democratic Sens. Diane Feinstein, Mazie Hirono, Kamala Harris and Sheldon Whitehouse grill Trump’s judicial nominees about membership in Christian organizations. Clearly, these senators are pushing a narrative that such a religious association makes one ineligible to serve in office and are laying the groundwork for a future regime in which Christians are reduced to second-class citizens, a classic tactic in socialist countries. In the left’s worldview, Christians should only be allowed to live out their biblical worldview in the confines of their homes, a view completely at odds with the historic interpretation of the First Amendment and the intent of our founding fathers.
The left knows that one of the main bulwarks against socialism throughout history has been belief in God, so their goal is to either subvert organized religion or, for those churches they can’t subvert, regulate and fine them out of existence. This is what socialist leaders from Hitler to Stalin did and is what Chinese leaders do today. Socialism is a religion itself, and the left wants people to worship the State, not God. The left does not tolerate competing gods.
This will only go on for so long. Many conservative Christians will not compromise their biblical beliefs in order to comply with unconstitutional laws and regulations. They will take their churches underground, and many pastors will be jailed. Sounds unrealistic? Not really. That’s actually been the pattern in socialist countries. The idea that the United States would break from this pattern is what is unrealistic. There is little doubt that the escalating attack on our religious freedoms will eventually lead to widespread resistance and possibly even violence at some point.
As for freedom of speech, we are also in the midst of losing that right. The leaders of all the major social media platforms are liberals, and within the last two years, they have initiated efforts to censor conservatives and Christians while continuing to allow violent rants by communists, socialists and anti-white racists such as Louis Farrakhan. The idea that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. did not coordinate this attack on conservative free speech is simply not believable. It seems that these social-media giants waited until their platforms had a near monopoly on free speech, and once that was accomplished, the hammer came down. Hundreds of conservative writers are currently blacklisted by one or more of these social-media giants, but meanwhile, with the exception of a few tokens, the left enjoys complete access. These Big Tech companies have essentially created a monopoly on expression, and congressional Republicans should seriously consider extending anti-trust legislation to them. But we also need to realize that the denial of free speech is common in socialist countries. There is nothing new here. American leftists are following a well-established pattern.
Perhaps the most important right, however, is the one guaranteed in the Second Amendment, because it serves as a guarantee for all the other rights. It was designed by the founders not for hunting, as the left believes, but to keep the government from evolving into a dictatorship. It was considered a check on government tyranny. But today’s assaults on the Second Amendment gives us a clue as to the left’s future plans. Just a few months ago, New Jersey passed a blatant unconstitutional law limiting how many rounds of ammunition a gun owner can have, which automatically turned around a million New Jersey citizens into criminals. But the scariest aspect of this new law is that the New Jersey State Police has refused to rule out a block-by-block search of private homes.
In Boulder, Colorado, something similar is happening. Authorities have given residents a deadline to report any high-capacity rifles they own, which again, is similar to what happens in police states. Once the government knows who has guns, the next step is to confiscate them and jail those who refuse to comply. These are actions we never thought we would see in America but are a common practice in socialist police states. Obviously, you cannot create a dictatorship until most guns are collected; this is why the left has always advocated gun confiscations.
Many conservatives, however, scoff that such attacks on our rights will lead to civil war. They argue that we have a Supreme Court that will eventually strike down unconstitutional attacks on our rights. But that may not be the case. If the left wins the presidency and Congress in 2020, expect them to add four seats to the Supreme Court and then fill those seats with leftists. This is perfectly legal since the Constitution does NOT stipulate how many seats the Supreme Court may have. Yes, FDR considered doing this and was blocked by many in his own party. But today’s Democratic Party is far more radical than in the days of FDR. There’s little doubt the socialists are in the process of taking control of the Democratic Party, and if that happens, there will be no reluctance to enlarge the Supreme Court.
Already, prominent Democratic operatives, strategists and writers are promoting this idea. They also advocate limiting Supreme Court terms. The goal is to remove the power conservatives have on the Supreme Court and give the left control of that institution. We conservatives need to get over the idea that the Democrats will, in general, play fair and do what’s best for the country. Those who hold this view, such as na├»ve politicians like Sen. Mitt Romney, have no idea how radical the Democratic Party has become in the last few decades. Their loyalty is no longer to the Constitution, but rather to socialism, an international utopian ideology contrary to every principle America was founded upon.
Once the left controls the Supreme Court, it is likely they will make some decisions that will alter America forever:
  • The court majority will redefine the First Amendment in order to make “hate speech” illegal, thereby giving government the “right” to censor criticism of illegal immigration, the gay rights agenda, or really anything Congress defines as “hateful,” which, ultimately, will be anything critical of the left’s agenda.
  • The court majority will reinterpret the historic meaning of freedom of religion so that one cannot act on his or her beliefs anywhere outside their home. This will open the door to a full-scale attack on Christians for sharing their faith in public and regulating who they can do business with. In conjunction with No. 1, the courts will also regulate pastoral speech so that anything said negatively about homosexual behavior, for example, will be regarded as hate speech and will open churches up to lawsuits. This re-interpretation of the First Amendment will also lead to attacks on Christian schools regarding hiring practices and curriculum. The goal, of course, is to shut down all non-public education, a pattern common in every socialist regime.
  • The court majority will reinterpret the Second Amendment to mean that only the military and the police are allowed to possess guns, thereby clearing the way for government to begin a large-scale confiscation of guns and the imprisonment of law-abiding citizens who resist. Indeed, leftists have been arguing for decades that this is the proper definition of the Second Amendment.
  • Finally, the court majority will reinterpret citizenship to mean that anyone who is physically living in the U.S. is a citizen. This decision will convert the 22 million illegal aliens currently here into American citizens overnight and will set in motion a vast registration effort by groups funded by George Soros that have been set up already for this very purpose. Of course, the vast majority of illegals will register Democrat. This decision will solidify Democratic power for generations to come, if not forever. That is why it will likely happen.
Sounds crazy? Not really. All of these ideas are commonly discussed in the literature of the left by people with influence in leftist circles. Indeed, a leftist icon, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, has called for completely repealing the Second Amendment. Remember, socialists will seize power by any means necessary, and if that means packing the court and reinterpreting our precious constitutional rights in such a way it transforms America into a socialist police state, then so be it. But no one should be surprised by this. This is what socialists around the world have done for a hundred years.
This is little doubt the aforementioned Supreme Court decisions would create the conditions by which the left will convert America into a police state. Once you disarm Americans, censor conservative speech and regulate our churches, nothing stands in the way of the left’s dream of a socialist “utopia” in which all dissent is crushed. Our founders warned us about this.
Perhaps such actions will not lead to a violent type of civil war like the kind our country endured over 154 years ago. But the reality is that most Americans will not willingly accept the destruction of their constitutional rights nor will they accept the dilution of their voting power by millions of illegal aliens.
Rather, we are likely to see a “soft” civil war emerge in which a bloc of conservative states will refuse to carry out unconstitutional rulings such as those described above. They will simply “nullify” these decisions, a tactic practiced early in our history as documented by Dr. Thomas Woods in his excellent book, “How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.” According to Dr. Woods, nullification by a state was actually considered a check on federal tyranny by many of our founding fathers.
Soon, the conservative states will simply stop recognizing the authority of the courts and both blocs of states will claim to be the real United States. It will be an uneasy stalemate, but it’s hard to imagine the federal government sending troops into the conservative bloc to arrest its leaders nor it is likely the military would ever follow orders to shoot on fellow Americans.
Other divisions will soon appear, such as the acceptance of illegal aliens as citizens and voters by the liberal states and a refusal by conservative states to follow suit. A great migration will begin in which conservatives from liberal states migrate to the conservative bloc and vice versa. Eventually, tensions will come to a head, and it would not be out of the realm of possibility to see a peaceful separation of the nation into two separate countries.
So, you’re not voting for Trump in 2020? Perhaps you should rethink that decision. 

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