Thursday, March 21, 2019

Straight From The White House!

White House Seeks Ways 

to Get More People to Work!

“The White House in a new report highlighted the strength of the labor-force participation rate and pushed for policies to encourage more people to work as millions of baby boomers retire,” Sarah Chaney reports in The Wall Street Journal.

Contributing to this stable participation rate: “strong labor demand, shown by 101 straight months of job growth, according to Labor Department data.”

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“Americans give the nation's economy glowing reviews in a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and Donald Trump's approval rating may be reaping the benefits,” Jennifer Agiesta reports for CNN. “Overall, 71% say the nation's economy is in good shape, the highest share to say so since February 2001, and the best rating during Trump's presidency by two points.”
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“The White House said Monday it wants to reform higher education by imposing ‘common-sense’ limits on how much parents and graduate students may borrow, saying it will pressure institutions to keep tuition down, while extending Pell Grants and the work-study programs to students who want to get skills outside the traditional two-or-four-year college track,” Tom Howell Jr. reports. 
Watch: Ivanka Trump says it’s time to modernize higher ed
Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Jim Carroll visited the Volunteers of America Mid-States addiction recovery center in Louisville, Lisa Gillespie reports for WFPL. Director Carroll added that another key part of “the Trump Administration’s plan to thwart drug use is the potential wall that would separate parts of the U.S. from Mexico.”
“President Trump donated a quarter of his salary to the Department of Homeland Security on Monday and tweeted out a photo of the check to prove it,” Leah Barkoukis reports in Townhall. “While the press doesn't like writing about it, nor do I need them to, I donate my yearly Presidential salary of $400,000.00 to different agencies throughout the year,” President Trump wrote.

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