Friday, March 22, 2019

President Visits The Last Tank Plant In America!


President Trump Visits The Last Tank Plant In America, Which He Helped Save!


 Today, President Donald J. Trump visits the Army’s sole surviving tank plant in Lima, Ohio, “the first such presidential visit there since George W. Bush stopped by in 2003,” Loren Thompson writes in Forbes. “President Obama never visited, and the depressed level of military spending during his presidency nearly shut the place down. That is not an exaggeration,” he adds.

“President Trump understands the importance of the work that is done at Lima for the nation’s warfighters and for the workers in the local communities, which is why he didn’t make it to Davos this year but he will be in Lima.”

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“The Trump defense budget is helping to create good manufacturing jobs at good wages, including in communities like Lima that have fallen behind economically. The revitalized Lima plant will directly employ a little more than 1,000 employees,” White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro writes in The New York Times. “The president’s bold decision to rescue the Lima plant from the Obama budget sequestration oblivion will reap this nation benefits for years to come.”
Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump “is leading the administration’s latest bipartisan effort, this time to reform federal college education and job training, even for newly released prison inmates,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner. “With other bipartisan victories already under her belt, Trump this week turned to improving the Higher Education Act to help more poor students and bolster efforts to steer Americans to trades where the jobs are, including apprenticeships.”
“Border Patrol said that it caught more than 400 illegal immigrants trying to break into the U.S. in El Paso, Texas, during one five-minute span Tuesday morning,” Stephen Dinan reports in The Washington Times. “Officials said most of the migrants were family members or unaccompanied children from Central America, enticed to come to the U.S. by lax policies that virtually ensure their quick release into the community.”
President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) not only replaces and modernizes the decades-old NAFTA—it’s “chock full of provisions that will help American small businesses boost exports and safeguard their intellectual property,” writes Karen Kerrigan, president of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, in the Press and Journal. “Congress needs to approve USMCA as soon as possible.

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