Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Bowl 53 Half Time Shoot!

It seems like the NFL is really trying get over this 
whole kneeling fiasco that the POS Kapernick started 
so what do they do? They devote the whole theme to a sorta 
"Can't We All Get Along"
So what does that net you? A Krap POS Half Time Show!
 Don't know about you but couldn't really hear or 
understand anything being said/sung!
Ok, So let's all get along & take a look at this babbler 
Big Boi
And He is big & wears a BIG coat!
But I wanna know one thing, 
where the frig is PETA?
 How many animals did it take to make that coat?
I bet if it were someone of a different persuasion 
all hell would have broke loose! 

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