Wednesday, January 2, 2019

When When When!

After 30 + Years of 
Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi 
 Constantly Doing Damage to This Country
Not Only By Their Own Practices And Policies But Also By Supporting The Policies 
Of The Former President,
When Oh When 
Are The American People Going 
To Wake Up And Dump 
This Laurel & Hardy Act!
What Are Their Credentials?
  Schumer Can't Talk To The Media 
Or Give a Speech Without Reading It.

Nancy Lies Through Her Teeth , Talks 
Out Her Azz And Most Of 
The Time Just Sounds Plain Stupid!
You Remember......
"We Have To Pass It To See What's In It"

Why Why Why, Don't They 
Want A Secure Border?
 You And I Know Why,

Also, Why Has She Had This Hold 
On Other Members Of Congress?
Both Sides!!!
She Must Have A Lot Of Shitz On Them!

We Can Only Hope America Wakes 
Up But It Doesn't Look Like It's 
Happening Anytime Soon!

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