Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Devils Advocate II, Coming To Your Area Soon!

 The Devils Advocate II: 
Making The Grade

The Storyline
A Well Known Governor Plots With The Devil 
To Terminate The Unborn With Pure Souls Even At Birth!
If He Succeeds, Besides Ending Mankind As We Know It 
Sets Himself Up For Immortality!

He Also Recruits His Brother Who Is Employed As A 
Pseudo Journalist To Assist In The Plot Along With The Major News 
Agencies Themselves. After All, Nothing Makes News More Than 
Murders And Killings Especially Of Children!
The Democratic Party By Their Rhetoric And The Pope 
By His Silence Also Become Complicit In The Plot!
Here Is The HQ's

The Devil Carefully Chooses This Candidate By Noting The Actions Of The 
Candidates Father, Also A Governor Who Was Insistent On Protecting The Lives Of Convicted Killers And Murders So They Could One Day Kill Again! 

Here He Is After His 1st Installment Of The
New Law Permitting This:

 NC-17:based on violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse & GORE

Heez Coming For Your Walking Children Next!

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