Saturday, January 5, 2019

Rashida Tlaib, Latest Democratic Bimbo

You've Heard It By Now,
This Cow Should Be A Truck Driver 
Or A Barney Stunt Double 
Not A Congressman,
OOPS I Mean Congresswoman 
But She Is Kinda Hefty 
So Ya Gotta Cut Me Some Slack.

Yeh What's Her Problem, 
It Sure Looks Like Sheez Eating Good?

Maybe It's The Pigs, Slobs & Ignoramuses
She Hangs Out With! 

Stupid Loves Stupid!

 She Seems To Have Violent Tendencies & 
Lack Of Control Using That Language 
In Front Of Her Children! Hmm!
Maybe Secret Service Needs To 
Keep An Eye On This One!

I Wonder If She Shares Recipes 
With This Other Pig?

Wake Up America!

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